Everyone has some form of addiction?

Hey everyone,
Just a random thought.
Doesn't everyone have some form of addiction? Be it junk food, some people have an addiction to healthy foods and the gym, some people have game addictions, some people have illegal drug addictions, alcohol addiction, addictions to prescription drugs and some people ever feel addicted to Paracetamol, some people have an addiction to self destructive behaviour and adrenaline.
Is it really possible to go through life without being addicted to something?
I hold my hands up to being addicted to fast food.

Chocolate, although can't cause addiction, stimulates the addiction part of the brain in the same way illegal drugs would in people who think they have an addiction to chocolate.

Caffeine, how many of us can live without Cola and tea or coffee? How many people can go a day without looking at social media or the internet.
Shopping can be an addiction too.

So does that mean we're all addicted to something?

Just a query that popped into my mind.
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  • That's a good question and it's actually something I do think about from time to time. I was an alcoholic and smoker, but I still would say I have an addiction to caffeine despite kicking the other two addictions. I've known people who workout like crazy, and will put other "normal" things in their lives on hold so that they can be sure to work out (things like family dinners or get togethers with friends) so of course that to me is a bit abnormal and over the top. I'm sure there are people though that aren't addicted to anything. It's an inbuilt trait, I think, and takes time to understand and manage.
  • I do think it is present in most people which is what baffles me when people are so quick to judge. I think this type of hypocrisy is present in many forms like when people judge you for eating at McDonald's like they don't have their own version of junk food in their lives even if they are able to actively avoid actual junk food. Although, thankfully these days it seems like more and more people are willing to be more forgiving with addictions and instead just pass judgment on the actions that result from it.

  • I mean to some degree you are correct, but of course we all know that some are more dangerous than others.  You could say that we are all addicted to food and to water, but we all know that we need those to survive.  It is just how you look at it, and I think there is just a social line that we all kind of agree on.
  • People are addicted to thinking. At least the western world. The eastern world is much addicted to not thinking. That is to say, we love to think about thinking, talk about thinking and even just be a thinking thing.
  • A lot of us are addicted to so many things but some others addiction has a higher degree than others. It is alright for someone to point fingers at another who is a sex addict while he is addicted to masturbating. Some are addicted to sleeping pills and still accuse someone addicted to some form of hard drugs, what really is the difference?

    I agree everyone has some form of addiction; being disciplined and controlling it before it takes over our lives is very important.
  • If you put it this way, everyone is addicted to water, to air, and to food. But, you see, these things do not alter the way we behave and most people do not consume them in excessive, harmful amounts. You are not addicted to something if you don't abuse it and if it doesn't harm you while in small quantities.

    For example, a healthy lifestyle is not addictive unless you are obsessed with it and it prevents you from living like a normal individual. Sweets are okay, because neurons only work with glucose, and some amount of it per day it recommended. If it keeps you healthy and functional, everything is fine.
  • If you put it that way, then I guess all of us would be categorized as addicts. I admit, I am one. I don't really find it offensive when some people brand me as such because my addictions are not life-threatening. Well, I used to smoke and drink a lot, but I've since changed. Now I'm just addicted to manga, books, and coffee. Not to mention, adventures. You can say I'm an adrenaline junkie, which I think is not bad at all. ;) 
  • I think it's true that everyone as a weakness, I'm not sure though that everyone is susceptible to addiction.

    Some people definitely have addictive personalities and that can lead them to becoming addicted of anything.
  • I agree with everyone, but addiction in this case can be described as a constant bad habit. If it is not harmful to the health and others, then it could pass. Some harmless addictions can go without causing problems though if done in public, can be embarrassing.

    I used to be addicted to picking my nose and I even did it in public; until I was called out for it. Ever since, I stopped it. I did this for over 20 years of my life. While some others do not have any form of addiction, they may have weaknesses like every human being but no addiction.
  • Caffeine is addicting, I give you that, plus any other activity that elicits immediate pleasure. I guess each of us can be addicted to something that's not necessarily a substance or drug. Human nature by itself is prone to addiction. Addiction levels vary depending on the person's mental, emotional, physical and moral foundations.
  • I think that's fascinating ... the idea that you can be addicted to anything.  And if I think about it, I know that everyone I know has their "something"s.  The thing they live for.  Some people call them hobbies or obsessions, but it's all part of the same thing.  If you're spending all your time thinking about something, looking for your next fix of it - even if it's when you get back out on the ski slopes - and you can't focus on your tasks at hand ...then yes.  That's an addiction.
  • It's two separate thoughts in my opinion.
    You can be addicted to anything - for real. A person, objects, food etc. 
    But no, not everyone addicted to something.
    Addiction is very serious thing and not everyone feels it in connection with their loved ones - stuff around them. Addiction is dependence, and small habits, likes and hobbies do not make you dependable - and if they do, it is addiction.
  • Everyone has to be addicted to something, whether it being addicted to work, to video gaming, or even to money, anything! I don't know anyone yet who isn't addicted to anything and if they aren't I won't believe it!
  • When you mention it that way, humans in general are extremely susceptible to being addicted. Arent we? I mean in our society nowadays everything is geared to convenience. Convenience usually means we have to take something that we might potentially get addicted to. Taking the easy way, that is, coffee, rather than grin and bear it or tea/water. Fast food,rather than wait and cook your own, etc. Doesn't help that some of these things have addicting substances for us, caffeine, preservatives, sodium, etc. Our bodies are geared to adapting and sometimes we get a little carried away.
  • I believe so too. It is always like this and even though some things are not official addiction they have all properties of one. We love somebody too much and we cannot spend any time without that person, for example. This is a universal thing for people because we are weak and we need something to say we either own or it owns us.
  • I agree with you, and I'm with you at the junk food kind of addiction, specially candies, oh my god, I just love them. 
    I think that a lot of people have different kinds of addiction, like those old people who can't live without sleeping pills, adults without coffe, people without doing excercise or maybe, you can even get addicted to be on your comfort zone, curious, huh? It's just that those addictions are not as destructive as alcohol/drugs are. It's just my point of view.
  • Everybody on this planet is addicted to something, that's the truth. 
    Be it food, a certain activity or serious addictions, we all have that one thing we like doing repeatedly. It is important to know this fact, that we all have vices and addictions. 

    There is no thing such as perfection in this world.
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