Fresh Start

I woke up this morning and decided it was time to stop drinking . Unfortunately , this is not the first time I've made this decision . I have always been able to go Cold Turkey , though the first day or 2 usually aren't fun .

I've spent a good bit of time today looking at this site and see myself in many of your stories , and have even commented on a few posts today . I know I will make it through the first couple days , as I have done it before .

My question to some of you with years of success under your belts is what to fill the "Hole" left by the time alcohol consumes in your life ? I work a lot , exercise pretty regularly , hunt , fish , etc.

Yet alcohol seems to fit into nearly all of these activities in some shape or form. For my wife , kids , and frankly myself I want this to be the last time I quit .

Thank you all for you stories and support.

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  • @TWSJ... Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing. We're excited to have you here.

    Congratulations on your decision to stop drinking. Yes, the first few days might be rough. But, as you know, it will get better. And being sober is definitely worth the effort and struggle.

    Alcohol is such an integral part of our society today that it seems to fit in with just about everything, doesn't it? But in my 7+ years of sobriety, I've found that I can get along just fine without it. When I'm doing things I used to do while drinking, I just substitute another beverage. I'm a big fan of sparking water, both plain and flavored. A sparking water with a slice of lemon or lime in it suits me just fine these days. I also like to try different kinds of root beer. You'd be surprised how many different kinds of craft root beer there are out there.

    Anyway, that's how I cope. I think if you take things a day at a time, stay focused on your goal, and are willing to work hard at it, you'll be able to quit for good this time. And please know that we are here to help and support your efforts however we can. You are not alone, my friend.

    Sending you positive, sober vibes. 
  • Welcome! I like to hunt and fish also!! Day 12 for me. Struggling a bit today. I wish you the best!!
  • Thanks Tommy and Dean . A little queasy today . Normally I would just hit the hair of the dog . It will get better . I just have to learn to fish without beer I guess .
  • @TWSJ... Keep moving forward. Things will get better. Drink a lot of water. It'll help flush out the toxins. Saying a little prayer for you tonight.
  • I have gone uncontrolled because of alcohol consumption but I have never been addicted to alcohol. However, I have had other types of addiction. When I had addiction, I woke up every morning and thought I will surely give up addiction and before I went to bed I l always had this thought that I will give up tommorrow. 
  • Well no hangover for the first time in days . So I won't need to sneak out for a 6 pack prior to family fun day to kill the pain . And then spend all of family time wondering if I will have time after to sneak out after for 6-10 more .

    I just hope the nearly complete lack of sleep doesn't make me too crabby with them and their friends . At least I will be distracted from the beer store !

  • @TWSJ... I'm really proud of you! And IMO it's better to be crabby and sober than not crabby and hung over! 

    Keep doing what you're doing, my friend!
  • Thanks Dean . Better outlook for day 2 . Superbowl Sunday was usually a binder day . Think I will watch it in my own living room with my wife this year.
  • @TWSJ hey there. happy day 2!! glad you are ready to make this the last time!! good for you!

    enjoy superbowl sunday with the family. make a yummy snack and involve the family..make it a true family day...

    you'll so love a life without alcohol...eventually. for now it's so new...and praying your body detoxes very quickly!
  • @TWSJ Hi and congrats on taking the step unto sobriety! You know what, my husband is just like you. He seems to equate drinking alcohol with: smoking, hanging out with friends, or even just hanging by himself. He has created a dependence on it. He even studies with a can of beer or two.

    He was able to quit for two days because he didn't smoke then as well. I really don't know what to recommend to you as a substitute since he didn't use any of that. I'd say anything liquid that keeps you busy. Maybe some smoothie made out of fruits can help you out. It's healthy and also delicious. 

    Good luck!
  • Thank you for sharing your story and welcome to the forum. 
  • Pretty good day with family out in the woods , despite only 2 hours of sleep . Being sober always kills my sleep . Thanks for the well wishes .
  • I haven't had trouble with alcohol but I've had similar experiences with other things and changing the routine does keep me awake for the first few weeks but everything normalizes eventually especially when I help it move along with some helpful practices and a healthier diet. As for filling the hole, finding something to tinker with has always helped me keep distracted. Something that helps me focus in and tune everything out like learning an instrument or a new software is good for keeping me distracted and mentally stimulated.
  • Hello there, @TWSJ! Welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing. We're glad you have joined us here. :) It's good to know that after few relapses in the past, you still haven't given up on recovery. You still keep fighting, and that's pretty awesome. Just stay focused on your goal, and keep yourself motivated. Make your family your inspiration. I would be rooting for your success. Best of luck.
  • Thanks again for all the comments . Other than sleep doing good .

    I feel silly for asking , but I am going to be traveling Wednesday , and will only have my iPhone for internet access for 5 days. I have tried , but can't get past the home page on my phone . I would like to check the forums while gone . Anyone know how to advise a less than tech savvy apple user ?

  • I myself have in the past had quite a few of them morning were I think that today is the day I'm going to change, and while at the time that is what I want, by the end of the day my motivation as already gone and I simply don't feel strong enough to.

    Thankfully them days are in the past for me but it has been a struggle, and one that I don't ever want to repeat again.
  • @TWSJ... So glad things are going well. I wish I could help you with your iPhone access issue, but I don't even own a cell phone. So I will have to defer to someone else. I bet @dominica can probably help you. In the meantime, just keep doing the next right thing. You're doing a wonderful job!
  • Thanks DeanD . In good spirits today. Hope you are as well . I really had fun with the humor forums yesterday!
  • And I figured out the phone issue
  • Hey! Good to see that you're intending to ease off the alcohol. I'm no addict, but I think I was really into caffeine at some point and still am to some extent in order to curb my depression. If you're just starting out, finding another activity that is easy and gives you stimulation fast (not drugs!) could be a good idea. Video games, for starters. Find a nice, fast-paced and addictive game that you can easily sit down and play, since those are typically low-effort.
  • @TWSJ hey there! regarding the phone...

    once you get to the home page (and click to remove the pop up)...look for the three lines on the right side of the screen. they are 3 dashes on top of each other. that's the menu. hit those dashes and you'll see different choices...hit "forum" and bam. you're in.

    let me know if you have issues...

  • Dominica ,

    Thanks for the advice . I actually found out it was as simple as my computer was logged in but the phone needed to make it's own connection . Reading the forums helps fill the idle minutes that can lead to trouble , if you get my drift .

  • Hey @TWSJ, I hope you're doing alright today. I'm sure you can do it, and if you spend time on this forum then you're really going to get more inspired to push forward and keep going, talking from personal experience. 
    That said, have you ever tried AA meetings? They can be beneficial.
  • Been out of town , but still sober and pretty happy . I think day 10 or 11 now . I've been here before and do great until I think I've got everything under "Control" . No more of that stinkin thinkin ! Thanks for all the support . 
  • @TWSJ... Congrats, my friend! Being out of town and staying sober is great progress. I'm super proud of you!

    Maybe you should just keep telling yourself you don't have anything under control. ;)

    We're here for you. Always remember that. And just keep going...
  • TWSJ - I hope every day is an easier one for you.. one step at a time, as they say. :)

  • So 16 days in now and don't really feel the urge to drink . The down side is that I also don't feel compelled to socialize much either . I live in a very social town where everybody drinks . And everyone knows me to be a "once" very social person , and a heavy drinker . It doesn't bother me to be around others drinking , I just don't like everyone's curiosity as to why am I not drinking .

    I don't want to become a hermit , and temptation is not an issue . It is really just that I don't , and probably never really did feel that comfortable in large social gatherings without liquid courage . It is amazing what mental clarity tells you about yourself ! 

    I'm sure plenty of you guys know the feeling . Good vibes too all !

  • Every day is a fresh start for me, for everyday I try not to commit any mistakes I committed on the previous day.
  • Good for you man. For some quitting their vices is a radical lifestyle change but for me I think of it as returning to my roots. I jog now, I go fishing sometimes as well and I've began tending to my garden. I eat more fruits and vegetables and by reducing clutter and problems due to my vices I've made more time for my family as well.
  • I'm glad you are doing better. I have the same problem being in social situations as I also don't find it to be that much appealing without a bit of debauchery which I have given up on. I do believe it gets better later on though as you get calmer and more used to the situation but it does take a bit of effort.
  • Yes , fishing , exercise ,  and gardening are in my wheelhouse , and always have been ( though I used to do all while drinking ) . And sobriety has definitely improved my time with wife and kids . I just don't want to fall out of society as a result of sobriety .

    I'm sure it will come with in due time.  

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