PTSD is one reason that many people turn to drugs and alcohol because of the fact that they constantly feel scared, nervous, anxious, or suffer from the many other symptoms of PTSD. It can be debilitating and the feelings can hinder someone from moving forward with their life or feeling any sort of comfort. People turn to drugs and alcohol so they can numb the bad feelings. Have any of you ever suffered from PTSD before? What did you do to recover from it after you quit harming your body with substances?
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  • i haven't suffered from that....but unresolved trauma from my past totally led me to addiction. i had to take a journey inside...a spiritual journey for me....i went to counseling. did some inner child healing work. educated myself in a lot of ways regarding healing...trauma...addiction..went to 12 Step meetings, worked through the 12 Steps...and more.

    i have a friend who suffers from PTSD at times. she goes the spiritual route to contend with it..and takes some herbs to calm her nervous system. i think each person ought to try different things to deal with it naturally....
  • I am not sure if I have suffered from PTSD, but I have had to take a journey of forgiveness so that people's mistakes do not effect my life anymore. People have hurt me in the past, but I have had to learn to let go and move on so that I could have a healthier future for myself.
  • It took me five years to recover from PTSD, though my case certainly wouldn't be as extreme as a war veteran who suffered with it, often referred to as "shell shock". My PTSD was caused by being subject to narcissistic/sociopathic/psychopathic abuse for over ten years. The PTSD was excruciating. Seeing as narcissistic abuse relies on how words, situtations and emotions program the mind, there were times when one word or a certain song playing or a television program coming on that would instantly trigger flashbacks of fragmented suppressed memories. It really didn't take much at all. No doctor or therapist I spoke to took it seriously. In the end, I learned how to take control of my own mind (and life) and I've now done to the point where I'm considered an expert on many of those topics. Seriously, there's not much I haven't experienced in life and that has ultimately led me down a path of enlightenment and self-education.
  • I have known someone who was dealing with it as a result of being abused by a parent for many years.  I think it's a matter of learning how to reprogram the mind, which is incredibly hard.  We develop neural pathways that help us think and respond in split seconds.  It's how we learn to do things quickly and efficiently, without having to actively think.  With PTSD, a person has developed thought patterns in response to the traumatic situation(s) they lived through, but afterwards, things that are similar to the beginnings of a past experience trigger those thought patterns.  The person I knew dealt with a lot of insomnia and had difficulty staying still.  Everyone is different, but when something like this happens to a person, it is a long journey to recovery and they need people who love them and are patient with them as they work through it.
  • I took care of my dying aunt and now I have PTSD. My doctors told me that seeing her die like that traumatized me and now certain activities will trigger me. I can't brush my teeth without wanting to vomit because I would have to brush her teeth. I am trying to leave the past in the past, but it is hard when you have a physical symptom that you can feel now. 
  • For military, police, airforce and navy personnel should have mandatory stress debriefing and psychological assistance after completing missions. They are usually the ones suffering from PTSD because of the traumatic incidents they witness in the line of duty.
  • Hi All, I just want to ask if anyone ever tried using medical cannabis as an alternative meds? I have read many articles about medical marijuana and how it can help you in terms of chronic pain, glaucoma, eating disorder/anorexia, anxiety disorders and panic attacks, inflammation, even cancer and a lot more. Cbd and thc are also new to me and I don't even smoke. If this is true I cant find any solid conclusive evidence that speaks to its efficacy. Any personal experience or testimonial would be highly appreciated. Thanks
  • @gloco... My son uses low-THC/high-CBD medical marijuana to help him with severe anxiety. It's been very beneficial for him. We live in Michigan and he has a medical marijuana card.
  • @gloco hello there. i know several people that use medical marijuana for anxiety and pain.  also helps some people sleep.... i think it is worth discussing with a physician for various things.... 

    @DeanD glad your son is helped by it!! 
  • I don't know much about PTSD , but I have an employee who struggles with it , and he was only recently released from prison . It's a long story , but in addition to being an employee , my immediate and extended family have to some degree taken him under our collective wings .
    He has really been yo-yoing emotionally lately . I don't think GA does Med-Grass . I still have connections from the old days , but for selfish reasons I'm not going that direction . And I'm not really sure that is what he needs.
    Has your son tried any other options with success ? I've taken Clonapin on a very limited basis for anxiety , but I've also seen others abuse it and get into serious addiction .
    This young man is hard headed , but I do have the ability to strong arm him a bit . And he genuinely wants to stay out of trouble . He doesn't shy away from me too much when I approach him about trying to get him right in the head . But , booze isn't his issue , so I'm a bit out of my league .
  • @TWSJ... My son has tried just about every RX medication there is for anxiety. Most meds haven't worked. The couple that did work made him feel like a zombie. So far, the medical marijuana has been the best thing for him. 

    FWIW, I took Klonopin for a few years for anxiety. When I finally decided I didn't want to take it anymore, getting off of it was a nightmare. I would never recommend a benzodiazepine to anyone except as a last resort.
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