Handling Stress

I seem to be always stressed out. A little problem can weigh a ton on me sometimes and until now i dont know what to do when i am stressed. I believe my BP is affected by this. As well as my weight. 

What is advisable for stress and how to avoid break downs? I appreciate all advices 
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  • I think you should work on your thoughts; start with meditation, try to relax and surrender all your fears and problems. Try to eat healthy and avoid anything stressful. If this does not help or improve, I would suggest you visit a Doctor for a checkup.

    I hope you get better soon.
  • I think that you should visit a doctor if the problem affects your life as much as it seems to be affecting. I agree with darkrebelchild that you should try meditation or any other activity that makes you feel more calm.
  • Your mind just needs to switch off for a while.
    Be it meditation daily or going away on a care free break for a while.

    Something mindless where you can get lost in and not think is also ideal: knitting, whittling, running, walking.
    Anything that switches your mind to at least the moment, or even better, to nothing at all :) 
  • Here's a few tips that I can give you:
    • Try exercising. Even just simply walking for an hour or two can receive stress and release some tension. Swimming, dancing and yoga are other great workouts that can help you get rid of the excess weight while also helping you handle your stress.
    • Connecting with family and loved ones. Having that support system can help you feel better immediately. Go out and have fun with your friends or opt for a lunch out with your family. This will immediately perk you up.
    • Take up a hobby. Simple as it is, having an outlet can help you relieve the stress as well. Maybe it's painting, blogging... Whatever works for you. And whenever the stress is too much to handle, you can resort to this hobby to handle it.
    • Lifestyle and diet changes. Avoid junk foods as this can aid in unnecessary bouts of energy that end in crashes in your mood, thereby leading to stress. Eat more fruits and vegetables and real meals as these can help you become healthier and become less stressed.
    Take care of yourself!
  • Stress comes from many different locations and I found out that pressure causes maybe the greatest amount of stress in people. Especially if you are being pressured by somebody close to you. When this happens you feel betrayed and you cannot react how you want to because, if you are like me, you actually care about people close to you.
    I have no idea how to cope with the stress I have. I just try everything I can, From meditation and hobbies like crafts and such to natural, herbal remedies such as valeriana, lemon balm, etc..
  • Have you tried the adult book coloring therapy?  I am using it and it works great, basically you color books specially designed for adults... very intricate drawings and such.  It does relax me a lot and helps me pass the time :)   You could also exercise, exercise can help you get rid of stress too and get better, the rest is really up to you...
  • What are you comfort foods? I stress eat once in a while but I try not to do it for the sake of my health. Eating icecream and chocolate and drinking cold juice, milk tea or frap are just a few of my comfort foods because they cool off my jittery nerves and simmering head.

    Taking deep breaths every now and then helps. It sounds overrated but the method is effective because it helps you let off some steam.

    Exercise, particularly boxing and Zumba, are good sources of stress relief. When you're mad at someone or over a situation, just pour it out of your system right through a punching bag instead of bottling it all in. When your body's constantly in motion, your pores can breathe just as much as your weary heart.

    Have you ever been to karaoke? It's a popular pastime in my side of the world. The heartbroken and the stressed queue at videoke stores to sing and shout their heartaches out. They feel a whole lot better afterwards. You should try it too. It's easy to set up your own karaoke at home.


  • I can't really give you an answer that actually works for you, because all of us are different, but I can give you an small list of the things that have worked for me: 
    • Breathing exercises: you can google them! they have made wonders for me.
    • Give yourself small breaks during tasks or stressful situation.
    • Reward yourself everytime that you accomplish a hard task.
    • I know that sometimes it's hard but try to sleep and eat well, and drink a lot of water, your body needs it!
  • The best way to handle stress in my opinion is yoga. I have been able to consistently lower my levels of stress just by going into full relaxation.
  • Finding something you can channel all your frustrations and anxiety into helps a lot. A hobby can do wonders in relieving stress but not only that it also helps us change our perspective since finding something we can be passionate about allows us to better weigh the things we should and shouldn't care too much about.
  • All of these are great tips. Here are a few that work for me:
    Step out of the situation if possible. Stop working on that project you're on or take a walk outside to clear your head and get away from the stress at hand. 
    Diet has a lot to do with it for me as well. If I eat bad, I feel worse than normal and can easily get frustrated with the smaller things. Eating healthy makes you feel better every time.
    Exercise works great as a stress reliever. 
    Also you can learn some relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises or even take up Yoga. It helps a lot to recenter yourself and let the weight of the world slip away. Good luck and I encourage you to try some of these out and find what works for you! 
  • Taking from personal experience (I have depression, anxiety, PTSD, and a whole ton of stuff I'd rather not discuss at length), video games has been my saving grace. It takes you out of your troubles - even if it is just for a moment - and it lets you live another life. A life where troubles can be solved in a few minutes, a life where there's really no pain. I'm not saying it is a healthy way to cope, but it IS a way to unwind after a long day of stress. Hope this helps.
  • I find that meditating while there's music on the background can help relieve stress. It would be best if you can meditate in a place that's tranquil and with fresh air. But you can also do this in your own home. You can find a lot of relaxing nature sounds on the internet, like water droplets, chirping birds. waterfall, anything that can soothe your tired mind and body.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!
  • There are many ways to deal with stress but one thing I like to do is get together with some old friends who've always been there. Being with them reminds me of when I was younger and free to do whatever I was able to.
  • I agree with all the tips saying you should consider exercise if you're not doing it already. I think a lot of the time we go through a lot of the many options of relieving stress when it can be somewhat solved with just relieving ourselves of toxins and getting some fresh air. When we exercise regularly our minds tend to be clearer and fresher.
  • Have you tried seeking professional medical help? How about therapy? Have you talked to someone about your condition? Ilnesses aren't fought alone, have someone who loves and supports you be at your side. You can also try anti-anxiety meditations and medications.
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