Should you feel dumb for having random episodes?

All of my life I never had trouble with anxiety or depression but there was one time I just woke up and I did not feel right. I thought it was definitely something I ate but it escalated quickly and I found myself going to the hospital. That was the only thing that felt right to do because my body was having spasms and my heart beat was fluttering. They were able to calm me down after trying a couple medications and I felt kind of stupid after the whole thing, which made me experience more anxiety in the day to come. 
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  • @alanwatts33 thanks for sharing. no reason to feel dumb for cannot help what was occuring and i'm sure it was alarming!!! i'm sure most people would be concerned and take a trip to dr. or hospital!
  • Loosing your composure over trivial things can really be jarring when you look back to those moments during calm self-reflection. You sort of start to realize that what you were worrying about was stupid and it really can be a horrible feeling. I don't think you should feel dumb, it's not the fault of your intelligence that you had anxiety.
  • Just here to echo what others have already said. Having an anxiety attack should not make you feel dumb. It is not something that you are in control of at the time, and reflection on the moment can often result in more anxiety. Anxiety tends to manifest itself when you dwell on things for too long, and it is best not to do that, especially in regards to uncontrollable issues, such as a panic attack. Just know that it was something that you were not in control of at the time, and that you should not feel dumb or silly for that at all.
  • You should not feel dumb and I think you did the right thing. You never know if it is something non-life threatening or not so the best thing is to get it checked out by a doctor. I am sure they treat them more often than we realize. Having a panic or anxiety attack can be scary, especially if a person has never had one. So do not stress out about it as we have all been there at one time or another. 
  • That's not a reason to feel dumb at all. It's something you can't control, and it was only natural for you to seek help.
  • There is no reason to feel dumb at all!  Anyone with anxiety can tell you that they've had episodes which come in many forms.  You need to take care of yourself and manage your health.  Doing what's best for yourself - seeing a doctor or going to the ER - anything that will get you to a better head space ... that's going to be best for you in the end.  
  • There is no reason to feel that way. You are only human and sometimes things in life just get to be more then we can handle. There is no shame in seeking help to get you through it.  Allow yourself to feel your emotions. and take care.
  • I don't think that you should feel that way just because of that, your body had a reaction and there's nothing wrong with that, just make shire that you're doing just fine.
    I kind of feel dumb lately, there's some things that I need to do but I am terrified of doing them, and the fact that I'm not doing anything to get better it's what really makes me feel dumb, I can control it, but in the other way I just can't.
  • Nope, you definitely shouldn't. I think having anxiety in itself is a serious condition. And if you think there's something wrong going on, it's definitely okay to go to the ER or the doctor. Most doctors I know are compassionate enough although there might be some that aren't. In any case, if going to the doctor can make you feel calmer and more relaxed, that's fine.
  • I don't think you should feel guilty about it and like you said it only adds to the problem if you do so I think it's best to make an effort not to beat yourself up over it. Just try and look at it as objectively as you can and get to the root of the problem the best you can as employing tactics might only be helpful in the short term.
  • Every time I have a panic attack I would beat myself up over it. I would just feel so dumb and hopeless. I talked to my therapist about it and she said to stop beating myself up over things like this because it is not going to help me in any positive way.
  • No reason to feel dumb about it. Everybody has had those moments in their life. I always views stories like that as funny stories to tell. Most people will be amused by it and those that think it was dumb are people that you don't want in your life.
  • It's definitely not something to feel dumb over. I have friends who have gone through the same kind of thing, and I've had times in my own life when anxiety has crept up on me and before I know it I feel buried down by it. So there's no reason to feel any shame or embarrassment - in fact I think you should be proud of yourself for the fact that you went to the hospital to get treatment!
  • I have anxiety attacks a lot, and when it happens in public, I do feel a bit awkward. I don't think you should feel dumb because it's something that you can't control. Just let others know what's going on so it doesn't escalate into a bigger problem.
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