Help me motivate myself to exercise!

I am an overweight adult with GAD, and i know that exercise helps my anxiety greatly. On days that I have gone to the gym, I feel much more energetic, and sleep better at night. I also know that if I were to lose weight, that would also help to lower my anxiety and make me feel better in general. So my issue is, that I often have the thought while I'm at work "I should really go work out today." but by the time I get home, I am just ready to relax and rarely make myself leave again to go to the gym. I have considered bringing my gym clothes/shoes to work with me, so that I can change and go straight to the gym from work. This would eliminate the comfort of being at home, which is certainly one of the reasons why I tend not to go once I've gone home from work. Tell me, what motivates you to go to the gym everyday? What tips do you have that might also work for me?
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  • @fgtb34r hello and welcome. i hear you. this same thing has happened to me. thing is, i'm not a big crowd person, so my getting to the gym just doesn't happen. i do think that maybe if you set a smaller goal. like say, 2 times a week....start's easier when you get into the, you'll start looking forward to it.

    i started watching youtube video workouts and that's been better for me. 30 minutes with jillian michael's...and it gets me a great workout!! :)

    maybe try different things!

    bringing workout clothes to work is a great idea!! maybe try 2 or 3 days...or just even 1 for now... :)

    hope this helps!
  • Hi there!  The one thing that motivated me to workout in the past was knowing I was doing something good for my body.  if you need some extra help, you should really look up the benefits of exercising online, I bet that will make you feel very motivated as well. 
  • Motivation is a big issue for a lot of people and in the past I've been in that same position. When I was recovering from an alcoholic addiction, I needed to fill my time with new things to do, otherwise I'd end up with a bottle in my hand again, so I looked at exercise as a way to fill that time.

    The problem for me though, was that without the alcohol in my life, I didn't want to do anything else, so even though I knew that going to the gym or going cycling was something I enjoyed, I just didn't want to do it.

    In my position at that time, I knew that if I didn't though I'd relapse on the drink, so I had to sometimes almost drag myself out of the door against all my instincts. It is amazing how strong you can be when you really want to be.
  • I started doing some videos at home because the thought of going outside and having every eye on me never made me want to work out. Now that I have lost a lil weight that way I was able to go out and walk without any shame. 
  • My BMI and waste circumference says I am over weight. I have tried to stick to healthy diet plan and some exercise routine. However, this has never worked for me.  I will be following tjis thread to read encouraging comments.
  • Hello,
    I want to tell you that there is hope for you, you can get that motivation if you work on it. I myself used to be overweight and I lost weight because I've changed my mindset.

    You can try the way I made it, which is, being motivated to exercise because at the end of the exercise I treat myself with some nice food but not too much of it. I think this is how I started off till I got very used to exercising and I lost so much weight.

    P.S. Never ever tell yourself you can't do it. You can do it!
  • I prefer to walk or to exercise in the comfort of my home. I thought of getting a gym membership but just the thought of it brings on anxiety. I am not comfortable about exercising in front of others. Sometimes if you have somebody else to go with then you will go more. I prefer to do things alone because I tend to compare myself to the other person and feel like I am not good enough. So for now I turn on my music and dance or exercise in the my own home and the weight has been steadily coming off.
  • @fgtb34r I relate to you so much! I'm the type of person who loves to have exercised, but doesn't really like to actually be exercising, if it makes sense. I'm always super proud of myself when I finish doing it, and I enjoy seeing my body become more toned... What motivates me is the promise of looking better and being more healthy. I always listen to music that I enjoy or see an interesting movie while I do it, so that I'm less bored. 
  • I would suggest working out with a friend who has the ability to make you workout. Doing it alone may not be successful but with company, you wouldn't want to sound like a lazy person and would even push yourself to be more active than your gym partner.
  • Motivation can be a hard thing sometimes to find. I know for me, if I go home, I'm like you. I don't want to get started, but if I ever take that first step to begin, I'm so glad I did. Maybe do as you are already thinking and take your clothes/workout gear with you. Go to the gym before you go home. I know I feel so much better after I worked out than before. It's just that first step that can be daunting. Maybe do as others have also suggested and start taking a friend, going for a walk when you're home, or doing a workout video if getting to the gym is not always doable. You can do this!!
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