How Long Does It Take To Get Addicted To Barbiturates?

I am wondering how long it takes to get addicted to barbiturates. Can you only take it four or five times and escape the withdrawal effects? What about people who are prescribed this for epilepsy, are they sure to get addicted while on it?
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  • @clara hello! i am not sure. this is not something i am very familiar with. i don't think everyone gets addicted, but they are highly addictive...probably an individual case by case thing...

    maybe others will be able to offer more help..
  • Hello Clara. How long a person takes to get addicted to something really depends on so much. No one is 'sure to get addicted' to anything, some people just aren't wired for addiction and some people will get hooked on things almost instantly. I don't think taking it a few times would cause withdrawal for most people.
  • Well I have no personal experience here, but I would just have to say that it is probably similar to all of the other substances that we all have dealt with here. Anytime that it interferes with your life and your thought process than it is an addiction, and my guess is is that it is pretty easy to get addicted to these ones because they are very mood altering.
  • I guess I always forget about the genetic part of addiction. That would make it different for each person. Is there some kind of equation, like genes plus dose divided by time = time until addiction. I know it is not as simple as mathmatics. I just keep trying to find a way to make better sense of it. 
  • It depends a lot on the person, the medication and the dose.  So it's hard to give an exact answer.  Just stay away from them, you don't want to mess with them for a first or  second time.  It's better be safe than sorry, and why would you want to take them 4 or 5 times?  Not worth the risk.
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