How to cope on the inside

People do not often know what they are getting into when they go into an impatient facility but you need not worry because once you are there for a couple of days you will begin to feel at peace. The first few days are the worst and it does often feel that nobody cares but they do and in a few weeks you will be free from your addiction and ready to begin a new chapter. Inpatient treatment can open up and free your spirit as there are professional people that are there to help you and many of them have been down the road themselves. Let go and just learn to love yourself
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  • This is some great advice. I hope there comes a day when my fiance can finally admit he has a problem and gets help for it. I know he could really benefit from a place like this. He not only needs to deal with his alcohol and drug addiction he needs to deal with the demons that he has inside from his past. He has never let those go. They eat away at him continuously. I really hope someday and he checks into a place like this.
  • inpatient rehabs are valuable! if you cannot get free on your own..if you've tried over and over and gone to meetings and still cannot stop drinking or using..consider attending an inpatient is worth it to leave your job/family for a month to get free...and learn about addiction..

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