Why is it important to know what my core values are while in recovery?

The term "core values" might conjure up visions of company mission statements. But did you know that each of us has a set of interpersonal values that guide our decisions and behaviors? Our core values are the principles that we believe in and that we strive to live by. Good health, family, strong work ethic, our spiritual foundation...these are all core  values that can serve as motivators in our recovery. 

Identifying our own values and reminding ourself frequently why they matter is an integral part of our recovery. If we don't have a good reason to change then we likely won't. So, our core values serve as a consistent list of reasons that are there to remind us why we are making a change for the better.

Identify 4-6 core values that are important to you and write them down. Review your list every morning to remind yourself why you are making these changes in your life.
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