How do I interact with my friends while I’m in recovery?

When you're recovering from an addiction you will find out who your true friends are. It is always a bit tricky to determine what friends you should hang around, and which ones you can confide in the most. 

Don't feel like you need to figure out all of your relationships all at once. Sometimes in early recovery it can be a good idea to keep a safe distance from those friends who you might be unsure how they will react to your lifestyle changes. You'll likely need to separate yourself from "drinking (or using) buddies" until you determine whether these individuals can provide any value to you in your life other than just as party mates. 

You'll likely find that you gravitate toward a few of your most trusted friends for support, and you may find it valuable to find some new friends who are going through the same lifestyle changes as you are. Support groups can be a great place to make new like minded friends.

Most importantly, remember that you are making positive changes for YOU, and those who do not support this are not your real friends. Sometimes it is difficult for our friends to see us change for the better, because it shines a light on them. Just remember, you ultimately have the choice of who you choose to allow into your life.
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  • I found after becoming sober that my "old" friends no longer talked to me. One of my biggest challenges when becoming sober was to surround myself with healthy relationships. I feel as if my support system is better now than before, but I'm still working on gaining people in my life that is a positive influence.
  • @morganm it's common for old drinking buddies to shy away when we stop drinking. i remember this happening after i stopped drinking in college. years later though, my old high school buddies and i reconnected... after the party days died off.... but yes, it is so good to surround yourself with good people!
  • @morganm... Keep working on building that support system. And congrats on moving on from your old friends. It's never easy to leave familiarity behind, but sometimes we have to do what's best for us...even if it's hard.

    Big hugs to you. :)
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