How do I connect with the right support groups during my recovery?

Connecting with the right support group (if you even connect with one at all) is a highly personal decision based on many individual needs and factors. You may or may not decide that a support group is a worthwhile component to your ongoing recovery. You might choose to attend support group meetings only for a while as you actively overcome your addiction. Or, you might choose to make a support group a long-term part of your recovery. You may choose a 12-step focused support group such as Alcoholics Anonymour, or you may choose a 12-step alternative support group such as SMART Recovery. You might choose a local group in your neighborhood or you might opt to join an online support group. The key is to investigate the many different types of support groups, and even try out a few different formats to determine a format and philosophy that resonates most with you. The important thing to remember is that you are never bound to a specific group or philosophy, and you should never feel uncomfortable or pressured in any way by other members of a support group. Remember that it might take a while to figure out what type of group will work best for you. 

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