Accurate Description Of Social Anxiety?

I recently came across this video and thought I would share it here. As the title suggests, the term social anxiety could also be called "everyone hates me" syndrome, and being someone who has bouts with this on occasion I kind of see how that can be the case. I am a little bit more able to manage it now that I'm a bit older but I still remember how strong this was for me when I was much younger because I was raised in a household where everyone was very vocal about judging everyone else, including everyone from family members to celebrities on tv, and as the guy in the video mentions, judging others supposedly is a huge factor for social anxiety because it makes you think others are doing it to you too.
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  • The one thing that triggers or fuels social anxiety is overthinking. When you give too much weight on what others say or do and base your own actions on popular opinion, you'll end up losing yourself in the crowd. You have to have a solid identity so that others' views won't bother you and you don't have to listen to them but prioritize your own views and play to your strengths instead.
  • I'm not so sure I really judge those around me that much.  I mean, when I am out grocery shopping I feel a bit annoyed when some employees start recognizing me after a while.  It overwhelms me, because then I have to greet them every time I see them, but if I miss reeting them they might take it too personal. 
  • @Tata when it comes to my social anxiety, i don't think everyone hates me....that's a bit harsh...i don't really know what i'm thinking..i just can get overwhelmed with a lot of people...mainly cuz i clam up when asked questions..

    this guy....i couldn't finish watching the video. his energy is very harsh..but like he said, maybe his harsh judgmental spirit toward others is what makes him feel others judge him so harshly. not sure... 

    thanks for sharing. 
  • @Seraphine I am the same way. It really bothers me if I go to a place so often that they recognize me. I have even stopped going places for that reason. It would really bother me. I like to just blend in and not be noticed. I tend to overthink everything and it adds to the anxiety. I always think people are judging me and looking down at me. I have extra weight on that I am trying to get off but always thinking people judge for being overweight. I don't do well in social situations.
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