Over the past few years, I have been getting very deep into spiritual matters (after extensive study and experimentation with the mind). I've had a shamanic healing/cleansing performed on me aswell as Reiki, in addition to many other self-induced spiritual experiences. I have now found myself in possession of some home-made orgonite.

For those that don't know, it's a collection of crystals, metals and resin which is believed to turn negative energy back into positive energy. Orgone energy was discovered by the scientist Wilhelm Reich who believed that all illness and suchlike was caused by dead Orgone energy (DOR). Just like many other scientists, he believed this energy permeated the universe and by turning it back into positive energy it could be used for healing/cleansing purposes.

Many of the Orgone devices he created genuinely seemed to work but his material was suppressed, just as Tesla's was. It may all sound rather esoterical but when experimenting with Reiki and shamanism (and other phenomena) I have blown light bulbs and street lamps and have had beautiful orbs of light manifest in front of me. I am therefore of the opinion that there must be some truth to these matters.  Anyone else tried orgonite?
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  • @androl hello! i have not heard of orgone....where would you get something like this? that's great that it is helping you...and the universe in general. we are carriers of energy..well, we are energy at our makes sense that there are those that can harness such energy...

    that's great you've manifested orbs. i bet that's pretty exciting!!! i'd like to do that too!
  • @dominica
    You CAN do it too! We all have the ability to do it and it's not as difficult as you would expect. Seriously, the very first time I tried to do it, it worked like a charm! It's better to do it on a clear night when you can see the stars. Clear your mind of thoughts, cut yourself off from the material world and just allow yourself to exist in a state of inner peace. Feel appreciation, love and faith knowing that you are a part of the universe and that the universe is within you. With peaceful intent, project your consciousness out into the stars asking them to "manifest" or show themselves. Keep that stream of thought and emotion consistent and they will show. You can command them with your mind to sparkle and glow bright in the sky or to change direction. It's a beautiful and enlightening experience. Last time I did this they showed within literally a minute or two!

    Orgonite can be bought from various outlets including Amazon and eBay but a lot of it is not made properly. The orgonite, or "orgone accumulator" I have in my possession was given to me by an alien contactee. He claims that aliens taught him how to make it properly for maximum effect. When my daughter (the one who has experienced UFO abduction) saw it, she cupped her hand over it and said "I can feel the spirit; the spirit of love"! Amazingly, that day I had kept having thoughts of "spirit, love and harmony"!
  • @androl thanks for responding. i am certainly going to try this and enjoy the journey along the way. i do sometimes go out and look at the sky...and i have asked before, but perhaps have not spent long enough... 

    i will certainly try...and keep you informed!! :)
  • @dominica
    The real key to doing so is emotions, not just thoughts. Allow yourself to feel it. Thoughts are directly linked to emotions, whatever you hold in your mind you respond to emotionally. Emotion is energy in motion and like you said, we are all just energy (as everything is). What happens is communication with higher vibrational beings. If you can raise your vibration, or your consciousness, high enough, they will then lower their vibration in order to meet you in the middle as long as they know your intent...and yes, it's a telepathic form of communication. It's like they can read your mind. When they lower their vibration for you, they become visible as though they have just manifested from the etheric plane. You can then ask them to glimmer, shimmer and sparkle in the sky or ask them to change direction.
  • @androl thanks! this is helpful information. i will keep you informed for sure!
  • Any luck with this yet? Haven't been abducted by a UFO have you? Lol. Seriously though, if and when they do appear and you command them to shimmer and sparkle in the sky, it's very much feels like they are sending you unconditional love - that's the only way I can describe it. You get a beautiful, refreshing, buzzing feeling going through your body which makes you feel incredible comfortable and warm and fuzzy inside. I've had them literally 20-ft above my head follow me home!
  • Exactly! I like the way you explained it, if that doesn't sound scientifically plausible to some then nothing will. It's perfectly reasonable and of course, as you pointed out, it can also be used to eliminate electromagnetic pollution which has also been linked to many illnesses. The story of Wilhelm Reich, who discovered Orgone, is a fascinating one. There is also a movie about it.
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