UFO Abduction

This might sound crazy to most but over the course of the last ten years and through extensive research and experimentation with the mind, I have learned how to have genuine UFO experiences - I can say they are genuine because other people have witnessed it and I have taken photographs. Just after learning how to access this phenomenon (although I didn't know if I truly had or not at the time), some very strange things began to happen.

My daughter, who was very young at the time, would wake up having nightmares, night terrors and suchlike and we would have to comfort her. However, I noticed peculiar things myself like when she woke up crying there would be a strange pungent smell almost like sulfur in her bedroom. I would notice strange lights and orbs and weird things going on. Strange noises, buzzing, humming, etc. That was about eight years ago.

Yesterday, my daughter starting describing what had happened during those experiences (she's only 11 now and doesn't even know what a UFO is!) - she was waking up to find herself surrounded by beings who were white/grey and wore goggles but they had no eyes, no nose and no mouth, only indentations or slits. The description she gave was absolutely on par with descriptions given by classic alien abductees. I was absolutely gobsmacked. If I hadn't been having repeated experiences with this phenomena myself, I would have passed it off as a 'waking dream' or sleep paralysis but I myself have learned how to communicate with these 'aliens' whilst I am fully alert, awake and conscious!

I can assure you that this is a real phenomenon and it's one which I have just discovered my daughter has also experienced. UFOs have become so regular in my life that they have almost become a normal thing. They ARE there and they ARE real and they ARE NOT of Earthly origin!
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  • I was obsessed when I was younger, obsessed!, I looked out my widow for hours at night... I refused to sleep, because I was sure that by staying awake I was safer. i had books, stacks and stacks of books on UFOs, sightings, crop circles, abductees, stacks of paper printed from the internet about government admission of such things and so on.... 

    Over the years, it all sort of went away, as I travelled more and more. I sort of stopped looking for them, and they, in essence, stopped looking for me. I just wonder now, if I were to re-start looking, would it lead to something.... I half am tempted by the idea, half thinking I'll just scare the shit out of myself.
  •  i believe in ufo and abduction, but have not experienced such. though i would like to see an orb or ufo. that's good that you can help your daughter to cope with these things so she will not be afraid...

    some think this is "way out there"...but i think it's so interesting and real.
  • I do love hearing UFO stories. Just about as much as ghost stories. I believe in both I have seen some strange lights in the sky before while riding my horse at night. I do think we are just a small part of what is out there. I am certain we are not alone, I also love watching UFO movies.
  • It's amazing. When it first started happening I kept trying to convince myself that it was all just coincidence and that my mind was filling in the blanks. I tried to rationalize it and convince myself that there was a logical explanation but over the years it got more profound and got so deep that it became absolutely undeniable. The fact that my daughter experienced this at the same time that I had started experiencing it is confirmation that these things are absolutely real. Not only that, but as @zozzie said, there have been times where I have scared the sh*t out of myself by doing this! It bothered me quite a lot at first, especially waking up with orbs and probes in my bedroom, waking up covered in blood with cuts and scars, finding lumps under my skin, having street lamps pop constantly when I walk under them, etc. However, despite the scary experiences it does seem that all this has a more positive outcome to it which I believe is related to the consciousness of the human race as a whole. It seems to be part of some kind of awakening process which is unfolding on the planet.
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