Tips for Managing Anxiety

When it comes to anxiety it can take over your life. Learning some tips and tricks to help you deal with anxiety on a daily basis can truly help. Take a look at some of the best methods of helping you control the anxiety and learning to relax when it seems impossible to do. 

Put Yourself in Time-Out
Just as you would do with your children when they need to slow down, put yourself in a time-out. Give yourself some downtime where you can meditate, listen to your favorite music, or just unwind with your own relaxation methods. 

Diet is Important
The old adage of "you are what you eat" rings true for a variety of reasons. A healthy and balanced diet can help moods and help you with your anxiety. Try not to skip meals and make sure you eat healthy and nutritious foods. 

Get Active
There are so many benefits to exercise and keeping your anxiety under reign is one of them. Whether you exercise for ten minutes a day or you're running miles and miles each day, it can help. Try group exercise classes, work with a friend, or use this as your quiet time to just take a walk each afternoon. 

Remember You're Not Perfect, And That's Okay!
No one is perfect and you don't have to be. Just remember to focus on doing the best you can and let it be. You can not control everything and that's okay! 

Keeping these tips in mind can help you get through those days where the anxiety wants to take over completely. 

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  • This tips are great even for people who doesn't suffer a diagnosed anxiety disorder, because we all have moments of anxiety and more if you have an addiction. Thank you so much! and yes you are what you eat!  
  • Thanks for sharing! I'm dealing with a considerable amount of anxiety on this moment and I really liked the stay active part, I also think that doing productive little things can help a lot.
  • Thanks for the reminder that even just ten minutes a day of exercise can be very helpful to people. Sometimes a work out routine just feels so daunting to me that I end up not working out at all. I hope to be healthy one day soon. 
  • These are super great tips!  Thanks so much for sharing them!  I hope they can be of use and help to someone who is struggling and really needs them.  I've deal with anxiety in my life and I think I subconsciously know that doing these kinds of things will help me feel better, but having them written down clearly in a list like this can make it easier to feel motivated to actually commit to doing them.

    Also, I can completely attest to getting active being a huge help for anxiety (and depression and other mental illnesses too).  About a year ago I started running and it has been one of the best positive changes in my whole life.  It has benefited me physically, emotionally, mentally, and even socially through finding a group of people to run with!  Running definitely isn't for everyone but I strongly recommend people at least try it and see if it is something they would enjoy.  There are also lots of other great physical activities to do too though!
  • Some nice tips,  I actually wanted to start exercising again, but some things got in the way.  Now I lost my motivation, but exercising did help me l see better in the past, it also helped me feel better about myself.  Exercising is wonderful, I wish I had  the motivation to do it again :( 
  • These are great tips! I have actually done most of them. Whenever my son triggers my anxiety, I try to get out of the room or just go into the bathroom and do some breathing exercises there. That has helped me a lot to contain myself and be calmer before confronting the situation at hand. I do this as well whenever my husband and I have some argument that triggers my anxiety as well. 

    Of course, exercise is such a great way to release some tension and anger. Every time I sweat, it feels like all stress goes with it. That's why I try to go for walks everyday and do some yoga as well sometimes. It makes you stay in shape and release some pent-up emotions as well.

    Lastly, eating healthy has been a goal of mine ever since. There are days that I want that big bag of Lays but try to restrain myself. Although it feels good at that moment, I know that I'd regret it in the end. Fruits are guilt-free foods that can fill you up!

    Good luck everyone!
  • I think that going for a walk to the beach can be nice and also you can enjoy the time with your friends and also have some food and also, soft drinks which can make the meeting nice and make the mind relaxed. It is nice to enjoy a day out of the house which can make the mood good and seeing a movie is nice as you think about the character and what they will do next. I hope that people try some new hobbies which can be good and they can be relaxed as the mind can remove the stress which is there and doing something else is a good thing.
  • My personal anxiety management methods include reading books, watching comedy movies, strolling with friends to places we've never been to before, listening to music and writing. I try to be as active as possible and when you have a lot of things going on in your life, it prevents you from wallowing in pain and sorrow. Because you have more important tasks and activities to undertake, you'd rather focus on them than fill your time being anxious over things you have no control of.
  • Something I find that helps me a lot is stay out of the house as much as possible, even though I'm more comfortable at home, I tend to slowly starting hiding from the world, and then I feel super anxious when just doing regular things.
  • I follow these and many more but sometimes it scares me out of nowhere. Yesterday my heart was in my throat and I started to panic, I ran to a bathroom to take a quick shower. I really thought I was going to die of a heart attack or something and I have no heart problems whatsoever or with blood pressure.

    I got anxious few years ago after some big stress at work and after that I was okay for some time but when I get in some stressful situation I get this problems. I try natural remedies like herbal teas and it helps a bit. Valeriana and lemon balm are the best.
  • I have taken these tips to heart and have begun following them. I few I had already been doing like daily exercising and eating properly. However, I will try to take things slowly and not beat myself up too much when I cannot do something right. Anxiety has been a huge part of my life and living with it has become my single greatest enemy.
  • Since a month, my wife and I are suffering from anxiety. This started after we lost three months pregnancy.
    Thanks for the tips, I think these tips will surely help. I think I will have to hang on "with you are not perfect, that's ok"
  • I find that keeping myself busy is by far the best thing that I can do for my anxiety. It's when I have time to think that I struggle, so when I know I'm going through an anxious time I will make a special effort to spend some time with my friends and family, as this means that they can take my mind off it, and it more often than not leaves me feeling a lot happier. 
  • I color it helps alot and before I know it Its time for bed :)
  • I definitely agree with this post. As someone who has anxiety every single time I have to go out, the small things like taking a break, deep breathing exercises, psyching yourself up, and even just taking naps before going outside. It really helps, as if I don't do them, I get panic attacks a few feet after leaving my apartment.
  • I get a bit anxious on a daily basis dealing with the stress of work, bills, and being a parent. The best way for me to deal with stress is just by taking some free time out of my day and just having a seat, mainly on my back porch. It gives me time to think and reevaluate a complete of things; in the process making the situation better.
  • Hey! Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with anxiety while you have a big deadline? I can not put myself on "time out" then due to time "waste". At the same time, I know that when I am under pressure, I know my mental capabilities aren't at its fullest, so it's kind of a "two-edged sword". Any suggestions would be highly appreciated :)
  • I can tell when I am not active then I get super anxious and I do not want to do anything. I am going to try doing some high intensity cardio in my room so that I can lose weight for the summer. 
  • I used to use alcohol to cope with anxiety, and, needless to say, it was one of the worst things I could ever have done. If you know anyone dealing with anxiety-related disorder, I wholeheartedly recommend you show them the article above before they end up self-medicating like I did.
  • Some of my tips for dealing with anxiety would be: avoid stressors, avoid caffeine, try some breathing exercises to take your mind off whatever is giving you issues.  Also, exercising regularly seems to help lessen anxiety for a lot of people. Some people are so anxious that they need medication, but a lot of folks I think can be helped by just changing a few behaviors here and there. 
  • Diet is a big one I've cut out a lot of sugars lately and that seems to be working a lot. It's just harder for me because I tend to indulge in sugar as it helps temporarily calm me down but over the long run I see benefits crucial to controlling it. 
  • I once had a councillor who suggested that I researched into and practised "Mindfulness". In short, it's basically training your mind to focus on something else in times of panic or anxiety. I've found it moderately helpful myself, but I should probably practise it more often. I've also found that cutting out 99.9% of my caffeine intake has dropped my anxiety attacks quite substantually!
  • I like the idea of putting yourself in a time-out.  Its important to step out of the situation that is giving you anxiety and to let it pass.  By putting yourself in time-out to meditate or listen to music can become a very helpful tool in just letting go and not worrying so much. I also forget how important it is to eat healthy and most of all not forget to eat.  Which is something I tend to do often and that can lead to me having a really bad headache.  Thanks for these little reminders!
  • Thanks for the tips. I'll have to read through them more. Eating right seems to be the best one.
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