Help With Adjustment Disorder

Changes in life happen. Sometimes they are expected and other times they are not. This can lead to dealing with an adjustment disorder that can make life difficult. Dealing with the change is hard enough but add in this illness and it can seem impossible. Changes such as divorce, a job loss or dealing with a difficult diagnosis can seem like the end of the world. Here are a few key tips to helping you or someone you love get through this disorder. 

Talk With Someone
A counselor can offer tremendous help when you're going through a major life change and adjustment disorder. This can be someone such as a therapist or even finding a group near you that is going through the same ordeal. Support groups are amazing in helping you know you're not alone and that there's a way to get through this change, one day at a time. Most people find that the support groups can help so much more than they ever thought. It can be scary to think about sharing your feelings and struggles with people you do not know. Even going for a few times and just listening to others can truly have an impact. 

Medication Not Generally Used
You'll find that medications are not typically used during this illness unless something else is taking place. They would not be able to help you get through this change as other methods do, such as group therapy or counseling. Your doctor may prescribe something to assist you in other areas if you have more than one situation going on.

Adjustment disorder is difficult but you can get the help you need. Consider one-on-one therapy sessions or group sessions to help you understand you're not alone. You can get through this and come out on the other side of whatever change is taking place. 

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  • Adjustment Disorder can be a lot more extreme and a lot more difficult to cope with than people realize. It can also cause a multitude of temporary psychological issues. There have been several times when my life has completely fallen apart over the years and I have had to face up to major unwanted change. It can be traumatic. However, I handled it better than I've seen others handle it. I have know people to attempt suicide over Adjustment Disorder, the change in their lives can be that traumatic and that difficult to overcome.
  • It is very difficult for many to accept change. Adjustment Disorder can be very life changing for such people who find it hard to change things around them.

    I believe time is the best healer for such because more events occur that may be more intense than what you are actually grieving over. But it's always best to talk it through with someone.
  • This definitely sounds like it would be a challenging disorder. It's hard enough like you mentioned dealing with stressful situations but that feeling that they are just insurmountable would be tough.

    Does anyone know how the disorder develops? I'm curious - I probably will look it up online shortly for my own knowledge.
  • When life changes too fast, you run into an issue like adjustment disorder. Moving, changing jobs, changing friends, a new hobby, injury, or just growing older can start this disorder and honestly, it's really hard to get it to stop. You could just go on auto-pilot and wait for things to settle, but that's not healthy.

    I think the best ways are to incorporate things familiar to you in this new lifestyle. Whatever the change might be, find a way to bring something old into the new. Like if you have a new office or new home, use memorabilia from your old place in your new. Keep signs of the familiar around you and let yourself make new memories in this new place. There's no way to stop change from happening, but you can try to make the change less impactful.
  • I'm a bit scared about the effect of moving abroad will have on me :(  I am afraid about this adjustment disorder, because  I do suffer from mental illness.   I had never been in a situation like this, something that seems so permanent. 
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