Cure for Rape Trauma

Many years ago, while I was in College, my apartment was burgled at midnight and the burglar attempted to rape me. Miraculously, he changed his mind after much pleading and took some cash and left.

The act did not happen, but I cannot erase the scene from my memory and it has been over 10 years. So what about people who have actually been raped, how does this trauma leave? Is there a cure for rape trauma?
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  • There is a cure absolutely. I personally know a lot of people who have been raped and they right now would talk about it, they might get a little bit emotional or sad it happened, but it never affected them like it used to, some people say the reason they are healed internally is because of their belief system, such as Christianity or a belief in a God who loves them, or some people learned to acknowledge, that they can change their life and it can be a happy life by not letting it bother them, some people gone through therapy. There are a lot of experiences to do with it, when to me personally, rape is one of the hardest things to get over because it is such a traumatic experience, however, seeing others get through it and become victorious makes me feel proud and happy for them. I can fairly say there is hope.
  • i'm sorry this happened to you....some deal with PTSD for a long time or their whole lives. i think therapy is can help heal that wound or contend with the truama/fear. plenty of women and guys that have been raped have gone on to live lives that they were happy with and not traumatized, but others haven't. not sure why some can move on easier than others without severe emotional issues...
  • i was raped as a kid... two different occasions.  I think it's harder when it happens to an adult, because when you are just a kid... well, you do grow messed up like I did,  because you are too young to understand what happened, but it does haunt you for life.  At least I don't suffer from PTSD.  

     I do think both people raped as kids and adults need professional help... rape does mark you.  I thought mine didn't, but it does and it shows it self in so many ways... mostly affecting you emotionally and mentally.  It DOES, no matter how strong you are.  Don't make the same mistake I made... search for help before things get worse... it will , believe me. 
  • I would go and seek therapy. Not only can trauma cause depression but it can also induce suicide.
  • I'm sorry about what you had to go through, @darkrebelchild. Although it's a relief the burglar didn't consummate the attempted rape, anyone in your place would be frightened and harbor a fear the incident might be repeated in the future.

    A therapist may be able to ease your trauma. Professionals will guide you through a step-by-step recovery method. However, if for the meantime you prefer to "self-medicate" or overcome your trauma without professional assistance, one step forward would be to open up to your loved ones and accept what happened to you. Perhaps you can also make a personal vow to fight back so that the incident won't repeat itself. Never bottle up your feelings about this. By sharing your story, you're inching closer and closer to healing.
  • I do not know about rape traumas and cures for that, but I know how you can cure your trauma and traumas like that in general as I've experienced one of those myself. Best thing you can do now, is to realize how far ago in the past was that event, and how it has absolutely no power over the present nor the future, anchor yourself into the present, and then go into the past just too look at how things used to be back then, try and make the differences between now and then, let your brain realize that things are different now and there's no sign that something like that would ever happen again.
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