Synthetic drug vs plant based drugs

Which is worse: synthetic drug or plant based drugs.
By synthetic drug, I mean drugs prepared in lab,  meth for example. Some of the common plant based drugs are opium, hash, cocaine etc.
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  • All drugs have negative effects on the user when taken excessively. There's no point of precedence. It all depends on the amount of drugs used, the frequency of usage and the person's natural resiliency. The important thing is that something is done to help people out of addiction than to not do anything at all.
  • What is worse is the abuse of these drugs. The need to take drugs should only be for health relief not for the pleasure of the soul and body. There are other things that give pleasure like being around good friends, taking a walk, a swim, being in a good relationship and making money.
    Drug abuse is just a waste of time, money and health.
  • I'd have to assume that artificial ones are at least a little worse but to have a more accurate picture I think the only way is to try them all out which wouldn't be advisable at all. Ultimately I am a proponent that these are all just tools and the abuse of it is what really makes it seem like a bad thing when in actuality they are neutral at their core and like any other tool like fire or weapons we are the ones who will decide on whether they will be turned into bad tools or good tools, but with some of these more extreme ones I think it's safe to say that they are dangerous to toy with regardless of what they are based from.
  • Both types of drugs are bad and should be avoided at all costs. Artificial ones are even worse though as they contain main made chemicals which are not natural and could do some pretty nasty things inside our bodies.
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