Do you think faith healing works?

Many people recommend praying, worshiping, visiting temples/churches are very effective mechanism  for recovery from drug addiction or mental conditions? Have you ever tried faith healing? Will you switch to other religion for recovery?
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  • I'm not particularly religious myself but I think faith healing probably works for some people as its another layer and level of a support system. Also, for a lot of church or religious organization groups, there's that feeling of community and being able to get help and understanding from others.
  • I would say faith healing works but it doesn't work for everyone. For people who need spiritual assurance and something to hold on to, making the most out of your faith and surrendering your pain and suffering to God (however your chosen religion perceives Him to be) can be a wonderful thing. Faith teaches you to discipline yourself and not be tempted by "evil" (which in this case is drugs). However, you can't really force people who have a different take in life to walk this route. If you're mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready to pursue faith healing, then do so by all means. Otherwise, other methods would suffice.
  • i do believe faith healing works....not all the time just like any other healing venue...i believe faith in a power greater than ourselves (God,energy, Universe, etc) is very powerful!!!  i don't think you have to go the religious route to tap into the awesome power of the Source....we've just put a lot of different names to this source and for me, there's no right or wrong...whatever works for you!! i spent over a decade and the church and that was a rather good experience!!  
  • This is something which I have looked into and I have to say, I do think that the science behind it is sound. There is some kind of universal life-force which has been discovered by many great minds over the centuries and the reason for that is, I believe, because this life-force is a universal consciousness. Studies into Mesmerism (deep trance hypnosis/somnambulism), transpersonal psychology/parapsychology and quantum mechanics also seem to be indicating the same thing. So yes, I do believe that faith healing can work but obviously not for the sceptical because it requires faith, obviously.
  • I believe it can work as a placebo and it makes people feel better when they pray. Even though I'm not religious myself, I believe in a higher self that controls the universe and since science fails to explain the existence of such thing, I have to admit that it can be possible that faith and praying may have some influence in someone's recovery of whatever illness they may be experiencing.
  • I believe in faith healing. I do not attend a church but I consider myself to have a good relationship with God. I cannot say that I would change my beliefs in the name of recovery, but I think that might be because to me changing my beliefs is not an option, or even a desire. We all have to find the path that works for us. If praying makes you feel better, do it. If nothing else, I don't think spirituality can hurt. Maybe that is just my personal opinion.
  • I do believe in faith healing! My husband fell back into drinking in November 2015, after being sober for over 20 years. He fell deep and tried numerous times to quit. He called me on 4/11/16 and said "I can't live like this anymore, I can't quit, I need help, I've tried and I can't do it". I myself believe in God and I have a very strong faith. I asked him if he wanted to surrender his addiction to God and ask God to help him, he said yes. He was drinking more then 2 bottles of wine a day and from 4/11/16 to 4/13/16 he had 1-1/2 beers and on 4/13/16 that was the last day that he took a drink. He's been sober for 20 days and all the glory goes to God! Faith is strong and if you believe there's nothing impossible for God, nothing!
  • Well as long as their faith is stronger than the addiction. I could say, yes, it works.
  • Faith healing  for addictions and other mental condition does work. There are times when the only condition for getting healed is having faith that a prayer will be answered. There are other times when by the Grace of God, you'll get healed whether you have faith that you'll be healed or not.

    Switching religions so you can get healed will probably not yield positive results. It's all about faith. Placebos work don't they?
    Why? Those those who take them believe they work.  The same could apply to faith healing.
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