7 Tips On How I Overcame The Fear Of Being Alone

Here are 7 ways on how I overcame the fear of loneliness while I handled my anxieties and fears. This is what I did:

1.Find An Activity
Find an activity that you enjoy and where you can meet a lot of people. Doing something that you like to do will make you happy and will increase your chances of making friends.

2.Spend Time With Animals
Spending time with an animal or pet can help us to feel better. Animals can be of good company to all of us whether we are alone or not. There are many local shelters that could use your time and talents.

3. Helping Others
There are many people out there who could benefit from your time and skill sets. Helping others can give you a source of pride and accomplishment and also can lead to friendships.

4. It Could Be Worse
It isn't fun being alone, but sometimes there are worse things. For instance, imagine that you are married or stuck in a relationship that you can't get out of and also makes you miserable. As a result you are stuck living with someone that you can't stand and makes you depressed. With this viewpoint, being alone doesn't sound that bad.

5. Be Constructive
Sitting around and doing nothing will not make things any better whether it is dealing with the fear of being alone or something else. Take it one day at a time and stay committed in trying to solve your problem.

6. Things Can Change
Nothing remains the same forever. No one can predict the future with one hundred percent accuracy. Events change all of the time. Even if the thing that you feared does happen there are circumstances and factors that you can't predict which can be used to your advantage. You never know when the help and answers you are looking for will come to you.

7. Your Not The Only Who Is Alone
Remember that everyone deals with loneliness sometime in their life. Focus on your life and don't compare yourself to others. Continue to seek friendships with other people and don't feel sorry for yourself. There are kinds of people in various circumstances so don't assume that you are the only who is alone.

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  • Thank you so much for posting these seven tips!  Loneliness is an awful thing, and even if you're in a relationship, married, or surrounded by family it's still easy to feel lonely because perhaps people are not truly understanding you.  Animals, especially, are a great cure for loneliness so I heartily agree with tip #2.  Their devotion is unconditional, plus they rely on you in a way that makes you realize your place in the order of things.  Sometimes just seeing things in that way makes you realize you're part of a chain - we're all connected.  Great list!
  • Much appreciated for these tips, as I'll most definitely find them useful in my everyday struggle. For me personally, the first tip was most likely the most useful. Sometimes just being tuned into something like my artwork made a huge impact on my mind. 
  • These tips are really helpful. Some times it's extra-unbearable to be alone; I found that finding something to do, even a small activity that you can have contact with people for even one hour was helpful in my case.
  • Very helpful tips on coping with being afraid of being alone. I am very thankfully married but still seem to be lonely a lot of times so I will take these tips and try to incorporate them into my daily life. 
  • I go through this from time to time - I feel like whilst sometimes I really enjoy and appreciate my alone time, there are other times when I feel like I am anxious and lonely when there's no one around. I like that the tips you mentioned were practical things and easy to implement into my daily life.
  • I really like these tips, they can make the anxiety easier if not overcoming them.
    I think that the fear or being alone is one of the most under - recognized problems. Many people think that it is normal but sometimes you need to change things and take some steps to try to understand and make yourself better.
  • I can vouch for the #4, it totally sucks to be with someone you don't love.  I have seen it with my own mom and my biological father.   I have lived it as well, not cool at all, believe me.   Sometimes it's better to be alone, those who are currently alone should think about this.  Being stuck in a relationship you don't want to be in sucks.  My mom rushed into a relationship with that awful man (my biological father) out of fear to end up alone.  Oh boy... did she regret it. 
  • I used to get very anxious when I thought about partners or friends leaving me eventually but as I grew older for some reason I started to realize more and more how much I felt trapped because of it. Not only because I was limiting my actions due to the fact that I wanted to keep my friends and partners but also that the type of people I had around me were too judgmental in a way that it was controlling what I did and how I did it and who I did things with. Now I just do things for myself regardless of what others think and I am also for the first time only doing things that I like instead of just following the trends of my immediate circle and mistaking it for my own interest.
  • These are great tips! I need to remind myself of these more when I'm feeling scared of being alone. Whether it's losing a family member, friend, relationship I have always feared being left behind. I have a huge fear of abandonment. I think these tips could help me next time I'm feeling worried. Thank you!
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