Blaming Others

I have seen many people blame others for their addiction after recovery. They come up with things like, the family member was not strong enough to help them or their friend had a strong hold on them and they fell into addiction.

Are others to be blamed for your addiction or yourself? Please share.
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  • I believe it our own undoing. I do believe that people can play a big part in helping someone get so low that they look for an addiction but in the end we all have the will and choice to choose. 

    Unless someone literally is holding you down against your will and forcing drugs into you that is a completely different story which isnt one that is widely popular
  • I believe that we are the sole pilots of our destiny. So if there are bad things that we did in the past, like getting hooked on drugs or alcohol, there is no one else to blame but ourselves. It was our choice, our own decision that led us to that kind of life. I think it's just irresponsible for us to blame others for our bad decisions. 
  • not at all. we are all responsible for our lives... that victim mentality will keep people stuck in all sorts of ways. if you're pointing your fingers at others.....really consider taking a look at this...maybe get some counseling. sure, some people and life itself will do some shitty things to us...but it's up to us how we react to that shitty stuff......we are responsible for our lives....
  • I believe there is some truth to it. Some may not be warranted in blaming others but some might be. However, the responsibility to correct it will always be dependent on the individual, unfair as that may be.
  • It could be. Most addictions are started with peer pressure and they could be blaming other people over that concept. I remember smoking my first join of marijuana and I don't really blame it on anyone though. It could be made up or could be the truth. Only the person knows!
  • Well, it depends, but maybe the people who do it have some kind of reason? Like, having someone introduce you to the substance, won't make that person a little guilty? Of course you took it fully conscious, at least that's what I imagine, but that person probably knew the dangers, the addiction and still told you to try it. This is just an example, but there are a lot of variables that can determine one's guilt in a person's addiction, and those variables can be independent from the addict himself/herself.
  • I think people can expose you to things that are not good for you but it is your choice to say no to these things and stay away from the people that may be a strong or bad influence on you.
  • Blaming others comes from a place of insecurity, I think. It's hard to be on the path to recovery as many people here can attest. Sometimes it's too hard that you think it's none of your fault. You start blaming God or the government but immediate satisfaction is also there when you blame the people around you. The ones who've always been there to love and support you. Sometimes we're like a child this way but we hope that they'll still stick around for the long haul.
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