Countries with Best Rehab Facilities

I am here in the U.A.E. and there are so many young people who are constantly on crack; their parents have sent them to virtually all the rehab centers in the world but the situation remains the same.

What countries actually have the best rehab facilities with the highest number of success rate? I heard Europe does but I am not sure of what country in Europe.

Suggestions please? It could help save a life.
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  • You can go to the Netherlands, Sweden and Japan. They're rather good
    when it comes to rehabilitating people addicted to drugs. Certain types
    of drugs are legal in the Netherlands, but oddly enough, you rarely hear
    about addiction cases. I don't want to name an institution since people
    think that the best rehab centers are also the most expensive. Not sure
    whether there's a correlation but Business Insider lists down the world's
    most expensive rehab facilities:
  • Hi there. I am not sure. I do know that sometimes it's not so much the rehab, but the person in the rehab....Ya gotta be willing to do whatever it takes to get and stay clean...Yes, some are better than others for sure....But there are many factors involved in sobriety....Crack is something else for sure....

    Maybe others will chime in and have some advice.
  • Hello. From my side I can say that for sure Slovenia has a good rate, but I could not find if it is the best in Europe. I know some clinics here, so, if you need more details please just ask. I hope you have a nice day and an even better day tomorrow.
  • I'm in France... anyone I know that's been to rehab here is good an clean... myself included.
  • I heard Ibiza has really nice luxury ones, Los Angeles of course too
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