Happy Almost St. Patrick's Day From a Recovering Drunk !!!!!

Hey Guys ,

I hope everyone is happy and feeling well . I am getting happier every day . 5 1/2 weeks now .

So this being an internet based forum , many of you only associate St. Patrick's Day with a 30 second news blip on your local news channel . Well , I'm letting y'all deeper into my life I guess . I live in Savannah , GA . 2nd largest St. Pat's celebration in the US and I think top 5 in the world . Savannah has a bar on every corner with 2 or 3 bars between the corners on most blocks . It is a very social town , with a massive Irish Catholic community . In addition to the every day culture of heavy drinking by locals , we typically have upwards of 300000 tourists pour in for what amounts to a mini-Mardi Gras in terms of both Parade and DRUNKEN debauchery !

Now I live on an Island about 12 miles out of downtown on an acre of land , a big workshop , a boat with the Yacht Club 1/4 mile away , a large garden , and a new tractor . Plenty of entertainment to keep this newly recovering alcoholic away from the sea of drunks . But , one of the best things that has come out of my sobriety is a greatly improved relationship with my wife and teenage daughters . And guess what ? They all want to go to the parade . While I trust my resolve in staying sober , this will be frustrating to say the very least ! Wish me luck and be prepared to remind me that those drunks used to be me when I start ranting Thursday afternoon .   

Positive vibes to all !

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