The "Do Something Scary Everyday" Advice

Has anyone ever tried this out? I remember this advice marked my mind, as well as the "Say yes to something you would normally say no to" that was proposed as a regular thing to do. I've tried them both, only a few times because I don't always have the heart or the courage to, but it was usually making me feel proud of myself, like the time when I tried playing a game of improvisation with my friends rather than just sitting it out because I was scared of being bad and making a fool out of myself. I was not good, but it was fun and nobody really cared whether I was good or not.

When's the last time you did something scary or just out of your comfort zone? What pushed you to do it? How did you feel afterwards?
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  • I can't think of something scary to do everyday, but I have tried the "say yes" advice. I think that advice is great! I've only done it a few times, but it really can be life changing advice. I usually say no to social functions with people I don't know. So once I said yes to an invite. It was a big deal for me, and I'm glad I did it! I brought me out of my comfort zone, and also increased my confidence after I did it. So I love that piece of advice, I think it works well to help you grow! 
  • I think this is definitely solid advice. I try to do one thing everyday that I would make me feel slightly uncomfortable, because if you do that enough it won't feel that way anymore! Keyword being try, though. It does not happen everyday, but just having that thought there in your mind, just like the ones you mention, and attempting to put it into practice each day will form new habits. 
  • It is important to get out of our comfort zones, and it helps us try new things. If one doesn't try new things that means they are not growing, which means they are dead :) Some people never leave their comfort zones, so even when you meet them a few years later, it is like they never changed.

    So good solid advice.
  • I've never tried it where it's been an every day event for me, but I have tried once in a while when I get the chance and feel strong enough to do it to try something that is way outside of my comfort zone, something that scares me once in a while. Going to an event by myself or talking to someone I wouldn't normally have the courage to talk to.
  • I don't think "every day" is solid advice, at least in my case. After doing something scary I need to take some time out to recover my strength.

    I do think trying something scary often is good advice though. It helps us explore new stuff, and I'm always so happy and proud of myself if I achieve it. The other day, I was making friends with someone I'd normally avoid talking to after a few sentences, and instead of leaving I stuck around and had a nice conversation with her. The conversation went for a good hour, and afterwards I felt like I could conquer the world :D
  • No. I don't think it will help me, I'll just get more anxious. Well, it definitely depends on someone's preference, I guess. I have always been good at "playing safe" and I couldn't imagine myself doing something dangerous or scary.
  • I'm not good with social interaction so everyday if I find the opportunity, I try to go out of my comfort zone and say talk to someone. Sometimes, its a coworker and the conversation will have died to a silence, I'll offer myself up and try to start up the conversation again. I also super hate talking to customer support, I often try to avoid it but recently I've been making some progress in that.
  • I think this advice is referring to pushing your limits in a positive way. When we face new challenges we can grow as people and improve ourselves. This is always a good thing. It is important to choose the right challenges, however.
  • I'm going to a little party this Wednesday, I'd normally never do such a thing because I tend to get bored in that kind of places and I am not that good at socializing, but I decided to give it a try. We will see how it goes! 
  • Yes I've tried those before, several times actually. I have social anxiety and low self-esteem so as you might guess, social events are quite scary for me. Most of the times I go to such events I end up feeling very very weird and awkward, wishing I was somewhere else. I have to admit I'm not sure doing this stuff have helped me at all, but being completely away from society can't be good either, so i guess ill just keep trying.
  • I go through phases like this sometimes and I would actually like to do it everyday but unfortunately it's not practical for me. The closest I got to doing this regularly was once forcing myself to go out everyday as an introvert and it was very refreshing.
  • Couple of months ago I climbed a tree. It was very scary experience. I did not climb tree because I wanted to attempt something daring, I climbed because I wanted to cut fodder for my animals.
  • Honestly I'm not the best at going out of my comfort zone! I guess the times I would say that I was best at that are the times I travelled to different countries alone - it was challenging and exciting and nerve-wracking but it helped me grow as a person!
  • I've heard about this advice, but I haven't tried to live according to it for more than three days :D It's really difficult for me, as I have avoidant personality disorder, along with depression and social anxiety. I don't have the need to reach out to most people... so when I want to talk to someone, it's so difficult to me that I see it as not worthy of the possible consequences.
    Every time I do overcome my disorder and talk to people, I'm sort of proud of myself and think that I have managed to do something difficult. Maybe I should try to remember this advice.
  • The last time I said yes to something was going to an auction dinner at my children's school with a friend. I had never went to one before because I do not know very many people at their school and it something social which I tend to stay away from like it's the plague. I was glad that I said yes because I did have fun for a couple of hours and was able to do something without my kids.

    One thing that really sets my anxiety on fire is going someplace alone that is unfamiliar to me and located where I am not familiar with. It had to be done so I had to force myself to do it. I was so proud of myself afterwards that I just do not know why I worry so much and get myself so worked up over other than that is the way of anxiety.
  • I think it's all about going with what you think you're able to do and what you're comfortable with. I think jumping into life without any sense of recovery could do more harm than good, and if you are still riddled with anxiety, there is a chance it could cripple you again.
  • When I was too afraid to get back in my car I would sit in the car in the driveway at least for 5 minutes each day. Then I started going down the block and then to the bank. Now I am going on 5 hour road trips. You just have to push a little each day. Some days I regressed, but I just kept pushing and then it got easier.
  • Doing something scary will push you to your limit. There are many benefits in  this, such as:
    you will know your true potential
    the challenge you have taken will make you a strong person
    and you will become competitive

  • I've had developmental stammering since I was a child. Culture shock, my hyperactive mind and  family history of stammering were the reasons. 

    So, talking has always been something completely out of my comfort zone. But the biggest challenge I faced was when I decided to teach. Man that was the biggest challenge of my life. It was a do-or-die situation. I used to teach IELTS and SAT. Everyday I walked into the classroom I felt like I was walking to hell. It took an enormous amount of willpower and self-confidence to make me go on with teaching. But now, every student likes me and says I'm the best teacher. So, what was wrong the whole time? My psychology. Nothing else.
  • It works to a point. If you can talk yourself into doing new things, it's a step closer to being more comfortable when opening up in new situations. It's never good to force yourself past your point of comfort if you can't handle it, though.
  • I have a pretty weird relationship with this advice, last weekend a group of people on Facebook (which I'm part of) were going to take a coffee relatively close to my house, and after a lot of hesitation I decided to go, because I am a person who is really used to stay on his comfort zone and I told myself that it was time to do something different and go to know some new people and even make new friends. So I did it, but when I was on my way to that coffee I was assaulted by two guys, it was a pretty aggressive assault and I was really shocked, obviously after that I didn't really wanted to go because I was emotionally unstable and just freaked out, so I called my parents to pick me up... And I'm still looking forward to do different things but for now it hasn't been a positive thing for me to do!
  • I'm sorry that that awful experience happened with you, anorexorcist20! Of course it wasn't directly caused by your decision, but it's still a crazy coincidence and I hope you're feeling better. I also agree that getting out of our comfort zone is scary but necessary in order to win the battle against anxiety. I just wish I could follow my own advice...
  • I admit I've been a little less open to this as I've grown older but I did once employ this tactic to great use. I already have trouble talking with people so just being at parties and conversing with strangers was already a big achievement for me and at times when I needed to perform in front of an audience I was always glad that I didn't shy away from the challenge.
  • As someone who suffers from anxiety and is seeking treatment, I occasionally try this. There are some days where my anxiety is worse than others. Through this type of exposure therapy my good days are growing. When I am a little more in my shell, I avoid situations that really affects me, but now I just remember the time I did it on a good day and tell myself "it wasn't that bad!". 
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