Connection between blood pressure and anxiety

Recently, my wife's blood pressure dropped drastically (90/60, it was 110/80 until a week ago). She will be having gallbladder removal operation soon.Thoughts about operation made her so much anxious that her blood prssure dropped.
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  • @vinaya interesting that it dropped due to anxiety....mine usually goes up if i'm very anxious.

    sending much positive thoughts to her for her surgery!
  • I am sorry that your wife is going to have an operation and I can understand about having anxiety issues when an something like that is in the future. I have never experienced a drop in my blood pressure due to anxiety before. Mine usually raises when I am upset or anxious about something. I hope your wife's operation goes well. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  • Sorry to hear that your wife is not doing too well. I have the other problem where my blood pressure is too high from anxiety. I am always stressed out and I have to work out to keep from getting a heart attack. What has her doctor said she can do to increase it?
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