The road less traveled....this is not an early stage strategy

This may be a controversial post and allot of people may not like or appreciate it.

Having said that I feel a need to share because I think it could also help people if you take a moment to reflect on the message.

When you have understood and realised why you use substance abuse to escape you can actually partake very occasionally and I mean maybe once or twice a year.

Let's face it we like to get high well at least I do; but here's the thing....staying mindful during the process.

I'm a long time addict in recovery who very rarely puts his head 'under water' to get high because I no longer need to because I worked out why I needed to get high in the first place.
I may be wrong but most of us get high for a reason outside of the enjoyment of getting high. It's almost like getting high is a positive side effect of a release.

Being mindfully aware of the process is key....

From my experience getting high mindfully not only gives you the ability to enjoy the high it also gives you the ability to benefit from the release...

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  • @downunder hello and welcome. i do feel that working through underlying issues is important for anyone in life...addicts and can certainly help with the compulsion to want to numb or escape pain.....i also think many people cannot handle only getting high once in a blue moon. the actual effect on their brain (and the memories associated with such) is too much for them to do it moderately.  

    glad this works for you with a mindful intent....and i wish everyone could be like this, but not so...but "doing the work"....yes, very it counseling, working the 12 steps, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and so on...very important!!!!!!!!! 
  • @downunder... I'm glad you've found a strategy that works for you. But, like @dominica said, not everyone can handle getting high once or twice a year. And it's my opinion that even trying to do so isn't worth the risk. For a lot of people, that one time could lead them back to a horrible struggle with addiction.

    Again, I'm glad you're managing your own situation. I just think abstinence is the safer way for most people. :)
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