Friendship is So Important

Last night I had a lot of urges to act out. I decided to reach out to a friend and it was the best decision I could have made. I was able to express my pain and receive her love and grace. It was really great to be heard and accepted. 

I've also been using this app to help with accountability called RTribe. If anyone wants to add me Id be happy to be friends with you.
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  • A research in friend vs relatives tell that people usually rely more on friends than the relatives.Good thing about friendship is you can choose a good friends. But relatives are always there no matter yo like or dislike.
    A good friend can be your guide and mentor.
  • Friends are the most important people for me and like vinaya, I rely on them much more than I rely on my family mostly because I come from a very dysfunctional one. I just wish everyone is lucky to have friends like my own, they're the best of the best I could've find and they helped me so much through bad times.
  • @addict44 that's wonderful news!! that app does sound great. i will have to check it out!
  • A good friend will help you through your hardest times. Keep them close to you and cherish them.
  • @dominica it is really great. you can there is a button to push if you're feeling triggered and you can choose a guide to get updates to help others know whats going on with you. pretty sweet!
  • I agree, friendship is very important. However, you should know how to make a difference between your real friends and people who see you only as a drinking buddy. I had to deal with this, I felt pretty sad, but it didn't last long. I wasn't attached to them anyways.
  • Yes, I agree with you. Friendship is one of the most important element in any person's life. I am very happy to hear that you defeated the urges. Just keep defeating the urges and avoid relapses. Good Luck.
  • I would say friends are second to family. Friends can be with you through close and thin if you know how to treat them with respect and keep them connected with you. Now if you let him drop from the face of the earth, then that wouldn't help would it?
  • Good friends are a gift and I just wish everybody can have at least a true friend during hard times because that friend can make a big difference, like it did in your case. Of course that you'll need to be there for him/her too, but it's also a blessing when I can help a friend through bad times and make them feel better.
  • Good friends are like a valuable jewel; spending time talking to them or being with them makes you feel like you are in paradise. I value friendship day because it is not easy to find a good friend who loves you with all your flaws.

    I'm glad your friend @addict44 was able to help you when you needed support the most.
  • Yes, friendship is one of the most impotant things you need in life. It's a basic necessity. You really need friends to enjoy life to it's full extent :-)
  • For people who don't know about rTribe, it's a social recovery app for sex and porn addiction which I think is very helpful. If you're constantly on your phone, why not have an app that can help you overcome your addiction to check on? I've downloaded it and it's very user-friendly and as supportive as it suggests. 
  • I too agree that you can't do this alone. You need a support network to help you recover.  What was helpful for me was counseling, a men's support and accountability group, and a mentor/accountability partner. I needed a large group of people ready to rally around me to walk with me down the recovery road.  I put together a website of helpful resources that helped me and members of the support and accountability group that I lead. Blessings to you on the road to recover. Remember, it's about progress, not perfection.
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