How to Choose a Rehab Facility

Drug and alcohol rehab facilities are as unique as the individuals who rely on them. What works for your mom, your best friend, or your cousin may not work for you, so it's important to carefully research your recovery options before signing up for the first rehab center that comes along.

Learn About the Program
Good rehab facilities are upfront about what their program does and does not offer. Ask about the programs to which you will have access, what daily life will be like, and how much freedom you will have. A good facility will offer you a daily schedule, allow you to take a tour, and provide you a copy of the patient handbook.

Check the Program's Reputation
Marketing material is designed to do just that – make a program look amazing. But a promise on a website does not mean that the treatment center is the right place for you. Check out the facility's reputation by reviewing online reviews. Simply Google the facility and you'll find a veritably cornucopia of data. Still need to know more? Ask the intake coordinator if you can talk to some references.

Ask Lots of Questions
Rehab isn't jail. It's not a secretive operation, and you should have significant control over your treatment. Good facilities are open books, so don't feel guilty about asking lots of questions. If the person you talk to can't answer your questions, ask for someone who can.

Address Issues of Fit
It's not sufficient to choose a facility that offers cutting-edge research. You need somewhere where your values and philosophy are valued. Be sure to ask specific questions about treatment philosophy, and to share any concerns you have. For instance, a devout Christian might feel more comfortable at a religious facility, while an avowed atheist might actually get worse in such an environment. To properly recover, you must feel like what makes you who you are – your values, your lifestyle, and your beliefs – is valued, not treated as a sign of disease or defect.
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