Most you have spent in a day?

What was the most amount of money you have spent while gambling in a day? I have spent around 60$ worth of scratch tickets during one attempt and failed sadly. Whether it may be at a local casino or at a gas station buying tickets, what was the most you have spent?
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  • The most I have spent on gambling would be around $5 and at the arcade no less. They have a few games that require you to drop coins and if you hit the jackpot, the rewards could be big. It usually takes a lot of tries and a lot of coins to actually hit it big - others go home empty-handed.

    Whenever I go to casinos, I don't stay long. I simply snoop around but try to not hang around for more than half an hour. Instant money has never appealed to me anyhow although the thrill of betting on something and winning it sometimes eggs you to gamble.
  • maybe $20 but i rarely ever's addictive and i don't want to waste even 5 bucks...not worth it...
  • I have no attraction whatsoever to gambling. My wife and I have been in a casino twice in almost 30 years together. We spent $20 on slot machines each time. That's the extent of my experience with gambling.
  • Most I have spent in a day was 30$ on the slots. Thank gosh though because we managed to win 400$ on the slots that night and it was the luckiest night we have had in the longest time haha!
  • I'm not a gambler myself, but my biological dad has been one for years, and that is one of the main reasons my mom stopped trusting him.   I did as well after he took $300 from her... so he could gamble it.  That happened over a year ago...  I guess this incident showed what a prick and low life he is, I have no respect for him... I let it slide when he once took $40 from my purse, but this was too much.   He never had the decency to admit it was him who took my mom's cash...  so apart from being a coward low life he is also a lying shameless thief. 
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