Night terrors

Do you guys who have panic disorder suffer from night terrors? I have never had a panic attack while awake. I have had night terrors, which are just basically panic attacks in your sleep. Do you guys think they are similar?
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  • i am not familiar with this. hoping others will chime in.
  • I used to have night terrors about once a month. I would wake up screaming at the top of my lungs. It would terrify my wife. And me, once I woke up and realized it had happened. Once it happened when my wife and I were staying at her family's little cottage in the woods in Canada. No electricity and in the middle of nowhere, so it gets DARK there at night. And I had a night terror and screamed at the top of my lungs. People tried to get to me to find out what was wrong and a lot of them tripped over stuff in the dark. It was kind of funny after the fact. But certainly not while it was happening. 

    But to answer your question... Yes, I think panic attacks and night terrors are similar. I've had both, and they both are horrible.
  • I have never had night terrors but have known children who had them. I guess I never related them to panic attacks while sleeping, but I can see how that could be logical. I found this article interesting
    I have had panic attacks before but none that were too extreme and they only lasted for a few minutes. 
  • I have them.. lately i wake up feeling really afraid and just really scary.  Most of the times I don't even know why, sometimes after a nightmare... I feel much worse after a really bad nightmare, but lately I still wake up feeling so scared... even if I didn't have a nigtmare :( 
  • I had my fit, I can call it a fit I think because it was a mix of tachycardia and heart arrhythmia. I was just about to sleep. I hit the bed and after few minutes of lying it started. Instantly I had cold sweat and I opened the window to breath better. I had to stay up entire night because as soon as I would lie down it would happen again. In the end I calmed my self but it was 6 am.
  • @djordjem87 That certainly sounds like some type of panic/anxiety attack. Have you experienced anything like that after you've fallen asleep? I generally don't get anxiety while awake, but I've had the night terrors.
  • I've never had this before but I'm interested in learning more about this topic. What exactly causes night terrors? If someone could direct me to an answer or answer this themselves, please feel free to. 
  • @CryingCanary I don't think anyone knows exactly what causes it. For me personally, any night terrors or sleepwalking episodes were usually caused by stress. Whenever I was extremely stressed out, there would be a good chance that I would have an episode that night. As long as I keep my stress levels down, I rarely sleepwalk or have night terrors.
  • Well, I've experienced it once. This was when I was in high school. I woke up screaming and my scream was so loud that I woke up the whole household. All members of my family rushed to my room at once. My eldest brother was the first to reach me and he hugged me tightly. My mom gave me a glass of water to drink. I was really out of breath and I was shaking. I don't know what caused it. It was the only time that I experienced it. It never happened to me again.
  • @Mary I've had several night terror episodes, but only one of them was the "screaming" kind. From what I've been told by my mom and sister who witnessed it, I wasn't exactly screaming, but I was like panting really loudly and just mumbling like I had lost my mind. I was also just pacing back and forth around my house. Now I laugh about it thinking about how freaked out they must of been. The other episodes were just normal sleep walking, but I had all the internal "terror" feelings during the episode.
  • @erook7878

    Oh man! It's a good thing that nothing untoward happened to you during your sleep walking days...or nights for that matter. I have this childhood friend that used to sleep walk, and one time, she got out of the house while sleep walking. It's a good thing her older sister woke up and noticed that she's gone from the bed. The rest of the family got up and went to look for her. She was out on the street and almost got hit by a passing vehicle. From then on, they've installed multiple locks on all the doors.

    My friend says she doesn't remember doing any of it and that sometimes she feels that her mom was just exaggerating with the stories to justify being over protective of her. But I believe her mom. She wouldn't be that over protective without a reason. 
  • @Mary I had one pretty serious sleepwalking episode where I walked out of the house. I walked half way down the block before my mom grabbed me. It was late at night with not many cars in the street, but it certainly could have ended badly. Thankfully, it's been a long time since I've sleepwalked and I'm not too concerned about it anymore.
  • Panic attack is a psychological problem; it sometimes wears off with time and age. Therapy and medication helps cure it but the sufferer needs to relax before going to bed and sleep with a night light to avoid dreadful thoughts before going to bed.
  • I don't personally suffer from night terrors but my fiance does.  His are so bad he fights in his sleep, punches the headboard, kicks, elbows, and swears!  He's had them for years.  

    We have tried a lot of different things that have made a difference: nutrition, calming music, white noise while he sleeps, going for a walk before bedtime.  The biggest challenge is bringing down his stress level so it doesn't manifest in his sleep.
    Recently we can across this blog it talks about essential oils helping with stress.   We figured we'd give it a try and picked out a couple of aromatherapy massage oils specifically blended for PTSD and Stress Relief and I have been giving him back rubs before he goes to sleep.  

    Over the past month we have noticed a major decrease in the frequency and the intensity of his night terrors. 

    Hope this helps you as much as its helping us.
  • @help2heal that is great news they have decreased! i've heard great things about essential oils too... natural and healthy!
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