life not how it should be.

Hi my name is Zena, I joined this site today. about 4 weeks ago I had a bad anxiety attack,  I have not been myself since,  I am finding it hard just to walk out of my door so once I have got to work I am in a bad way and need to come home, I feel to embarrassed to talk to my boss as I worry he may not understand,  I love my job and really hope my anxiety will improve soon. I would be so happy for some advice to help with anxiety. Xx 
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  • Hi Zena, I use to have really bad anxiety attacks about 4 years ago. I wasn't really sure what triggered it and I've never had them before, so once it happened I was very confused and at first couldn't understand what was going on with me... anyhow, I told my boss and co-workers and they understood. When I felt one coming on, I would just get up and walk-out of meetings or wherever I was, I would go outside to get some fresh air. I prayed a lot about it and just kept taking it one day at a time. Just like it came upon me, it was gone. I haven't one since, so there is hope that it will go away and I'll think positive thoughts about you!
  • Hi Zena. Welcome and thanks for sharing. Maybe you should try to talk with your boss to let them know what is going on. It could help the situation. At least then they would be able to understand what is going on a little better. Talking to someone may be able to help you through this time. As Amengas mentioned, it can come and go and sometimes we don't know what triggered it. 

    I wish you the best of luck and hope you can find some relief soon. 
  • @zena  have you talked to a professional about this? maybe there is something underlying this...medically.  it is a good idea to let your boss know. many people struggle with high's like our nervous systems are on high overload for some reason.
  • I'm sorry things are so hard right now. Dominica is right, you should check professional help, as they can help you understand what's happening and try to find a solution. Of course you should let your boss, to avoid misunderstandings in case there's any problem.
  • Get help as soon as you can, some people can overcome this on their own, others don't.  You don't want to find out which one of those two are you.  You can do down the meds route (the easiest, but doersn't solve a thing, just masks the problem) or the therapy route... that one is the hardest, most costly, but if done right can help you nip the issue in the bud. 
  • I have had these for some time and I am an extrovert so going out is not my thing always. I am not extreme but more like a wallflower ... Anyway, I already wrote about this once or twice here, I don't like  drugs so I found out about Valeriana plant and drops that are made out of it. They really do the trick for me and I feel better.
  • I also suffered from severe anxiety when I was a teen, and it lasted until my early twenties. It was work and exposing myself to other people that helped me overcome my social anxiety. It's not something you'll overcome in a day or two. But pitch up to work and just be the best employee you can be, and you'll notice that each day gradually becomes easier. 
  • I would seek professional help first to determine if I need to talk to my boss if I were you @zena because he may not understand the way you want to be understood.

    The next thing I will do is breathe; learn how to handle anxiety especially in the workplace. Meditate before leaving the house and engage in breathing exercises and try not to think about it. Fill your thoughts with happy things and relax. Things will gradually work out well for you.
  • Hi Zena! I likewise have occasional anxiety attacks but they mostly occur just before I go to bed or in the middle of my sleep. I do not take synthetic medicine because I've never been properly diagnosed but I know all too well what it is, having been aware from an early age about my main fear in life.

    I do drink herbal tisanes, brisk walk from time to time and read books to keep me calm. I also make an effort to socialize with others, because I'm not alone, the less anxious I become. I try to be as productive as possible too to keep my mind off dreadful thoughts.

    I do not know what works for you, but for the meantime, keep yourself engaged in an activity or two within your comfort zone. Take time to relax too. My family and I also go to spas and massage centers. Massage helps in reducing emotional and physical stress.

    All the best!
  • Hi Zena welcome to the community. So sorry to hear about your anxiety attacks. Do you know what your triggers are? Are you taking any kind of medication? Do you have someone you can confide to? We're all here for you so just keep on keeping on. If you're feeling better you can share your problems to someone who will support you and find healing in that.
  • Hi! I have been there too. Welcome to the forum and I have been in your shoes! Just take it day by day. Celebrate the little victories. Tomorrow try to walk outside and get the mail then come back. The next day to the same thing. Once you feel safe doing that then go down to the end of your block. Then do the next and the next until you start to feel comfortable in your own skin. 
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