Some motivation for you

Here's a great little motivating video!!

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  • This is a beautiful video! Makes me recall this amazing verse;

    Psalm 139:14
    "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."

    As the video mentioned, you are created in the image of God! The verse above is a reminder of that truth, that each one of us is wonderfully made and God doesn't make junk!
  • This is very inspiring and moving. It's very easy to listen but sometimes it's difficult to put it into practice. If we could I think there is nothing that could get in our way.
  • Awesome - that's a great video! We all tend to get sidetracked or experience setbacks when trying to achieve certain goals. Motivational videos such as these are a good way to remind us that we're all capable of overcoming any obstacle in front of us.
  • This almost made me cry. I hit a wall in my life and I'm so tired of this, but watching this gives me a strength I can't exactly explain. Sometimes we care about things that mean so little. Thanks a lot for sharing.
  • As soon I finished watching the video, I bookmarked it. I really needed the motivation and that beautiful video did just that. Very wonderful and helpful. Thank you so very much!
  • Wow! Fantastic video. One of the most motivational video I have ever tried. This video charged me up. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful video.
  • Wow, this is pretty thought-provoking. Kinda surreal too. I like the way it "motivates" by explaining what actually motivates us at the deeper level. It's like a logic loop. Interesting.
  • yes, i like to listen to these types of things regularly...helps me and reminds me of many things i tend to forget...
  • Thank you for sharing this.  It actually motivated me to go and download some other videos.  I told myself that I am going to watch at least one a day.  It's amazing how a 6 minute video can change a persons 24 hour day.
  • I was skeptical about watching this, but wrongly so. Very motivational and inspiring, especially by the last minute. Many thanks for sharing this! Really makes you think about where your thoughts come from and why you think negatively. Actually wish I'd watched this before now...
  • Thanks to this, there are now tears running down my face. The path to reaching your goals isn't always as straight as we'd like it to be. There'll be setbacks, obstacles, and times we'll fall. After all, nothing is perfect. What's important is that we keep on going. 
  • This really made me think - I guess the part that made me think the most was that our actions are driven by only two emotions, love or fear. It made me think about all the times I get upset in life and it usually is fear based. Fear that my child will get hurt, fear that my relationships aren't as strong as I would think, fear about finances, the list goes on. Certainly was some food for thought!
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