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I went on my first long sober weekend with my wife this weekend for our 20th anniversary . We went to New Smyrna Beach , Fla . Never been there . Pretty place . We live in GA . We had a great time .

Drunk or sober , I don't sleep well away from home . Last night in the hotel , when I finally got to sleep , I dreamed that I went to the store and bought a 6 pack of tall  boys . In the dream , I drank them all and went back for more . The worst part of the dream was that there was still beer hidden in the truck so of course I would have to drink those before I could quit . In the dream I had a tremendous feeling of dread , because this is always how the cycle began in the past .

I was so relieved to wake up and find out it was a dream ! Anyone else have these experiences  ?

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  • Congratulations with your 20th anniversary!!

    I had similar dreams like that. In these dreams I was drinking and even in the dreams I knew I quit drinking, but decided to drink anyway and it felt so real and fuck'd up. Best feeling was to wake up from these dreams, but I don't know why but I always wake up really tired after a dream like that. Did you also wake up really tired?

    Dreams feel so real it fucks with my mind sometimes, but I guess it's just our mind that needs to process all the things we went through and are going through.

    But I'm happy to hear that you didn't drink and it was (just) a dream. Hope you and your wife enjoyed the weekend. 

    Keep it up my friend!
  • I got this from the web:

    "Since the earliest of recorded histories, people have theorized about the function and meaning of dreams. Answers came largely from the spirit world until Aristotle and Plato developed the drive related hypothesis that was later expanded on by the European psychoanalysts of the 19th and 20th centuries. This hypothesis defines dreaming as a way to act out unconscious desires in a safe or “unreal” setting, presumably because to do so in reality would be unacceptable or even detrimental."

    Perhaps you are craving for alcohol that's why you dreamt of it. It remained in your subconscious and manifested in your dream. It's a good thing though that it wasn't real.Because if it is, then that would be considered a nightmare.

    Anyway, I'm glad that it was all just a dream. Happy 20th anniversary to you and your wife. 
  • There are times we dream about things that occupy our thoughts; probably the cans in the truck which you could give away or dispose of instead of actually consuming them.

    Dreams can be weird, not all of them have significant meanings. Congratulations on @TWSJ your anniversary, I wish you many more years of happiness together.
  • @mary , Interesting thoughts from 2 really smart guys . Thanks for sharing . Where did you find it ?

    @MartjinAddict , Yes I woke up tired , but also very relieved it was a dream . And , I had not slept much on the trip . Now that I'm sober , I've discovered my wife snores . I guess I was too drunk to notice in the past . But I also just don't sleep as heavy anymore . Usually feel great in the mornings though .

    @darkrebelchild , in the past , un-opened beers were always an excuse to put off drinking another day . Waste not want not ,.....Right ? Had to wait to quit until the cooler ran dry !  

  • @TWSJ... Yeah, I've had dreams about drinking. And I've had dreams about my son using heroin again. I think that's just how our minds work. The best part about those dreams--maybe the only good part about them--is when you wake up and realize it's a dream. What a relief that is. I'm glad you had a sober anniversary celebration. That's so great! Just keep going, my friend!
  • I haven't dreamt that I was drinking, as such, but I have dreamt that I was drunk. Like, already drunk. Last time I had that sort of dream I woke myself up smashing my nose off the window beside my bed. I obviously wanted to get out the window. Had a bruise to remind me for about 6 days.
  • I have gotten that kind of dreams but with other things. I always end up thanking G-d  when I realize it was indeed a dream.  What a relief!  But did you know that dreams are how your subconscious minds deal with the things that might be bothering you?  So technically our dreams keep us from going insane. Smile, be happy :D 
  • Hello @TWSJ.

    Yeah, Aristotle and Plato are two of the most intelligent beings that existed here on earth. Some of their philosophies are still being used to this day. Anyway, here's the link if you are interested. It's a good read. Enjoy. :)
  • What a great reminder for you about what falling off the wagon would do to you and how it would make you feel, without actually really doing it!
    Sounds like a blessing that you had having that dream, and im glad for you too that it was merely a dream.

  • Hmmm... From where I am, there's a myth that if you tell someone about your dream, then it's not going to happen in real life.:)

    Anyway, I have had dreams about my former addiction back when I was still starting into my recovery. The dreams are so lucid and realistic that i almost felt like they're real life. I was also glad waking up and finding that they are just dreams. Whenever that happens the first thing that I would do is tell my husband about it. You know, since I always followed through with the myth. And it kind of works since the dreams never become realities. 

    So I guess it's only common to find people in recovery with such dreams. The good thing is you don't let these dreams get to you. They're just dreams, remember that. 
  • Thanks to all who have commented . I think the crux of the dream was that in the dream I was tremendously disappointed at my failure , and was truly relieved to wake up and find it only too be a dream . I am looking forward to reading @Mary suggested website . I also have a history of sleepwalking , and apnea .

  • I had this a few days after I joined this forum - my boss and her friends invited me after a long lunch to Oprah Winfrey's house (I swear, I had not watched any Oprah that day or in a very long time). I was enjoying myself, but then I realised that I'd somehow gotten quite drunk, and I looked down, and there was half a glass of wine in front of me. I remember my heart sinking in the dream and thinking I couldn't even hack it for just a few days, what a failure. Funny but distressing at the same time. Thank goodness they're just dreams. Like a few people have said already, it's on our mind so not surprising it pops up in our dreams. Also it shows how seriously we take it :)
  • @functional ,

    Yeah it's amazing how disappointed I was with myself prior to waking up . And what a relief when I did wake up ! I'm really proud of how well you are doing .

  • I have similar experiences and I also am very glad when I wake up and find out that I was just dreaming. The feeling is so real while in that moment that it's difficult to know and for the first few minutes after you wake up some of the emotions are still there.
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