finding a guiding light

sometimes it is dark and we feel that there is nothing out there but there is hope and there is faith and this will guide you on the right path if you let it. It seems like a stupid sentiment but it is a true one because when you find faith then good things start to happen so find some light for yourself and see how it changes for you.
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  • faith helps me for sure.....sometimes i feel hopeless or confused or depressed....and then at some point my faith will return...and it feels good!
  • "Faith includes noticing the mess, the emptiness and discomfort, and letting it be there until some light returns." --Anne Lamott
  • Right on. My term for this is "walking through it". Once I learned to "walk through" discomfort, negative feelings, feeling depressed, anxious moments, it became a new habit and a new way of getting through difficult times without drinking. I believe that when we surround ourselves with positive people, environments, and activities, this is a way of fortifying ourselves against negativity and bad luck situations. Hard times will always come, but having a clear, positive, and understanding mind helps a lot. 

  • Belief in a Higher Power can make a huge difference. Even though all might be lost or it might appear that all is lost, hope can be restored because of what's written in the Good Book.

    You have affliction in the world, but take-courage— I have overcome the world”.

    We can overcome anything too as long as we have faith.
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