Anxiety and first job

Do you have any advice for social anxiety sufferers, especially on the first job? I graduated university in a chemistry field, but right now there aren't really options to work in the area where I live; even though I need money. So, I applied for a supermarket and got accepted. I'll be stocking after hours but I'm still really nervous and almost at a breaking point (and I didn't even start yet). Dealing with people is the worst for me, even the few I'll be dealing with. Do you have any tips on how to deal with these feelings? I probably don't even have a reason to be this nervous, but I can't help it.
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  • Yes I remember being scared of my first job and I am a little nervous about my second one on the internet as a work at home teen haha! Calling and handling customer support one on one with other people seems a little scary.
  • I used to have social anxiety during my teenage years. I guess teenage angst made me feel like everyone in the world was ganging up on me. What cured me of my social phobia were exposure to different stories and joining events that offered me more opportunities to interact with people my age as well as like-minded folks.

    Over the years I've realized, as Eleanor Roosevelt had said, "no one can make me feel inferior without my consent." The thing is every human being is the same and the reality we live in - including the standards and hierarchies in this world - is just a man-made construct. Since everything's just a product of human thought, I sure as heck would not be afraid of anyone or anything - not even the opinions of people who would one day wither away to oblivion just like the rest of us.

    So relax. Society is nothing compared to your innate greatness. Your opinion and how you perceive yourself matter more. Best of luck!
  • Congratulations on the job! Being a little nervous is something I'm sure we all face. It's something new and different. I would suggest learning some relaxation techniques perhaps. Maybe some deep breathing or something else that works to help you calm back down. I'm sure you'll do great and as xTinx said, our picture of what society is and will do is worse than what it truly is outside. Take a deep breath and good luck with your new job!!! 
  • Hi @yeppeo. I think everyone has experienced being nervous on their very first job. It's a new environment and you don't know your co-workers that well yet. So it's understandable. I also experienced that. Matter of fact, I get nervous every time I get a new job. Even though I'have tons of experience already I feel like I'm a newbie. I feel like I don't know what I'm doing and that I would make a lot of mistakes. So just hang in there, relax and a take a deep breath. You'll soon get used to your new environment and adjust. Good luck.  
  • I think you just have to dive in and get used to it.  You are heading into a new experience, so some level of anxiety or nervousness is completely normal.  If working with people like this is also a fairly new experience, then it's just something you'll need to learn how to do, the same as the other skills you will be learning. 

    If someone says anything about it, just be honest and tell them this is new for you.  As long as you are clearly working on your skills, including social skills, there won't really be a problem.  No good supervisor will expect a first time employee to be a star in a matter of days.  And, the fact that they hired you, means they have a stake in your success, they want you to succeed, so they will help you.
  • Hi @yeppeo, my advice would be breathing exercises as well. I have social anxiety too and my first job was in a department store. If your experience is like mine, you will likely be working with some of the same people over and over and after a while you will get more comfortable with them. Good luck on your job :) I am sure you will do awesome.
  • @yeppeo... I agree that deep breathing exercises are the way to go. Deep breathing is a terrific way to relieve anxiety. Wishing you the best of luck!
  • I really appreciate all your replies and experiences, thank you very much! I feel better about my feelings (sorry for the redundancy!) of dread. I'm a person of routine and any things that goes out of it makes me paranoid, and I end up thinking about every possible outcome, good or bad (usually the latter one... but I can't really fight against it). My goal for now is to get some money so I can keep studying for a master's degree.

    I'm going to check breathing exercises. Since I have asthma I believe they'll help even better to control myself, because sometimes I'm so worried I don't know if I'm suffering an asthma attack or an anxiety attack, and I'm so afraid to take more meds than I need that I end up panicking even more.

    Once again, thank you so much!
  • I had the same  problem when I was younger and the only way I could deal with it was by facing those situations.  Things went horribly wrong at times, but after a wile I understood that if I screwed up or did something wrong or ended making a fool of myself... it didn't really matter.  Just like it doesn't matter what a bunch of strangers think of me. 

    You need to face it, what  is the worst that could happen??  Ask yourself that.   Also try that advice a doc once game: fake it til you believe it.  Meaning, act like you feel very confident aqnd relaxed, very soon it will become your second nature... it did with me :) 
  • Thank you very much for your reply. I know that going "cold blood" to it is one of the only ways to surpass my fear and I really appreciate your advice, especially since you've been through it as well. When I was little I had a similar way of dealing with things like bullying; instead of pretending I'd think "this isn't me in this body, this is someone else's body, I'm not here right now, I could be someone else, I'm not me", which kind of helped. I'm really thankful and I'll try to do what you say. Once again, thank you so much!
  • I think the hardest part for me with my anxiety is not necessarily the job itself but job interviews. I find them so, so nerve inducing - even if I know I'm completely qualified for the job. Once I find my groove when I'm in a job though, the anxiety tends to go away.
  • Sorry to hear about your anxiety but about your first job though I guess everyone goes through that as well but like your anxiety right now this current situation in your life will pass. It's not permanent, I promise. You will be fine as long as you keep your head up. There are other great advices out there but here's mine. Take care.
  • @kassie1234 the interview for me was the worst too- especially because the interviewer treated me like some dumb idiot just because I never had a job as I was a student before. I guess that the same applies to me, whenever I start to get into a routine, things get more calm and I get much more calm too. Thank you very much for yours words!

    @splendid7seven Thanks a lot for your message and encouragement, I really appreacite it!
  • I've been in your situation, and also took up a packing job at a supermarket back in my college days. You won't be dealing with too many people apart from fellow co-workers and your boss. After a couple of days you'll start adjusting to this environment, and it will get easier interacting with others.  
  • @Alex_Dees82 Glad to have a reply from someone who knows exactly my situation. Thanks a lot for your reply! That was one of the reasons I chose it and was lucky enough to be chosen. I just hope I don't mess up, that's also another one of my big fears.
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