Philosophy & Erotericism

It's helped me turn my life around completely. I've gone from riches to rags and then found a path back to... well, not riches but a much better life for sure. Western philosophy and erotericism, regardless of whether you're a believer or a skeptic, can help change your mind. Some of the greatest philosophical writers of time (in my opinion) include: Arthur Schopenhaur, Renee Descarte, Phineas Quimby, Helena Blavatsky, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Arthur Conan Doyle, Immanuel Kanta and I could probably name many more. If you're a reader, these peoples ideas are way too good to miss out on.
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  • @androl  i did not understand the term "erotericism"...did you mean esoteric? like hidden knowledge?  anyway, this topic fascinates me. i only recognize emerson from your list....but i've taken note of the others to check out sometime. of course, not everyone would get into philosophy to try to understand this life....i spent over a decade in the christian church and well, after i got out (due to coming out of the closet)...i resented the church for a while...but now i don't. i let those who believe in Christianity have their beliefs and wish them the best...there are so many beliefs in the world...and i think it all comes from the same i don't feel it's one way or no's many ways...

    out of the list you gave, which writer is your favorite?? which is most helpful for a person fresh on the spiritual path?

  • Ah yes, sorry - spelling mistake! I meant esotericism, as in esoteric, yes. One beautiful piece of work by Emerson is The Over-Soul which, as I perceive it, is basically the same thing as C.G. Jung's Collective Unconscious (another great writer and psychologist/psychiatrist). I think a lot of these philosophies do tie in with religion, especially Christianity and Buddhism, in many ways, although I don't consider myself to be a particularly religious person. My concept of God is probably different to most peoples but I was Christened, I did go to Church for a while and I did and sometimes do still read the bible. As you said, it's not one way or no way, it's many ways. My favourite writer (at the moment) would probably have to be Helena Blavatsky (who founded the Theosophical Society), although it should be noted that Blavatsky's work very heavily influenced the Satanic bible written by Anton LeVay. For someone fresh on the spiritual path, I would probably recommend Arthur Schopenhaur where the true nature of consciousness is concerned or would perhaps suggest Phineas Quimby who basically founded New Thought philosophy based on the work on Franz Mesmer (Mesmerism/Animal Magnetism/Hypnosis).
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