How bad can be anxiety disorder?

After the loss of pregnancy, my wife is suffering from anxiety. Anxiety us so severe that she shows symptoms similar to heart attack. We have checked her entire body, there is no other physical disorders. She is under medication for anxiety. How bad is anxiety disorder?
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  • It sounds like she is having panic attacks, that's exactly how they feel, like your are going to die or that you might be having a panic attack. She might be suffering from PTSD. She really needs to see a therapist, those meds won't get rid of the problem.. only mask it. She might need those meds for life, and her anxiety could get worse overtime, because it's obvious her trigger are unresolved issues.
  • For me it is really bad. I am having troubles sleeping and when it is really hot my heart goes beating in my throat. I know it is not but the feeling is very bad and I don't know what to do. I panic a bit, go take a shower or something. I do not have drugs for this ( it's a long story) so I try to meditate and go in that direction.
  • Seraphine is likely right. It sounds very much like panic disorder. Panic attacks sometimes will feel like you are having a heart attack because your heart will beat really fast. You may feel lightheaded as well and it may feel like you are suffering a heart attack.
  • I have suffered with severe anxiety disorder since I was a small child. Yes, when you have an anxiety attack you feel as if you are dying. I get tingly all over which starts at my head and goes to my limbs. Then my heart starts to race and I get light headed as if I am going to pass out. I also have a hard time catching my breath. It is a very scary scenario and I'm so sorry your wife is going through that. I am also sorry for hers and your loss. Big hugs to her as I know how scary it is. I do hope she gets into counseling. 
  • Anxiety disorders can be very bad. During an attack, you can most certainly think you are having a heart attack. Your heart beats faster and you may have a hard time being able to catch your breath because of that. This can make you feel light headed. I have suffered anxiety from an early age and at times it can be very debilitating. Stressful situations tend to exaggerate the effects of the anxiety, so I am sure that your situation is bringing about the worst of the anxiety disorder.
  • Anxiety disorders can be very bad indeed, and can come with very physical effects, too. The most important thing to remember is that your wife needs your support, and she should also have the support of her GP. Anxiety can be managed very well with medication, and the sooner she is on the path to recovery, the sooner she will be able to enjoy a life free of anxiety once more. 
  • I'm really sorry to hear about your wife's situation, I really hope that she's doing better now.
    Is just my opinion but, Is she going to therapy? Usually when a doctor gives a person medicine for treating anxiety there must be a therapeutic process to treat both chemical and psychological part, and the recovery it's usually successful.
  • I have been diagnosed with a few different types of anxiety disorder, and have suffered with panic attacks for years. I had CBT in 2014 though and that really helped. It sounds like your wife is suffering from panic attacks, I would suggest therapy for this as she will be able to learn lots of different coping mechanisms and techniques to deal with panic.

     Panic attacks are truly terrifying and it can feel like you're going to die when you have one, my therapist explained to me exactly what is happening to my brain and body when I panic. She also was able to explain why you cannot think logically when in the grip of a panic attack. Understanding my anxiety and panic attacks really helped me to overcome them. Thankfully I now only very rarely get panic attacks, and I'm no longer afraid of them. I think therapy could really help your wife, so I would urge her to talk to her doctor about it. 
  • Anxiety disorder sadly can produce physical pain too. It is sad to hear about your wife's miscarriage, I am really sorry.
    I think that you should find some time and try conversating with your wife a lot more, try to talk about your feelings and work on a strategy in case of panic attacks. There are several cases, situations that make anxiety worse or lead to panic attacks, talk about these possibilities.
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