Treatments for anxiety disorders?

My wife is under medication for anxiety disorder. What are the treatments options availale for anxiety disorders?
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  • There are a plethora of medications, but there are also therapies and counselling which can help her to help herself... It seems so simple when it's just a pill, but what's really best is to understand it, and manage it ourselves. 
    Hypnosis, for example can help, but even just normal counselling, talking to someone that is trained and can help her to explore where this anxiety comes from and how to nip it in the bud.
  • Anxiety is so severe that she experiences panic attack. @Zozzie thanks for suggesting hypnosis. I have heard about many benefits of hypnosis, I will ask her to start with self hypnosis, if she fails, I will take her to a hypnotizer.
  • Behavioral therapy works great for both OCD sufferers and people who just suffer from anxiety.  That is a better option if she wants to avoid the side effects of the anxiety medication, plus theraphy helps to get rid of the problem for good instead of just masking it just like meds do. 
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