New Kind Of Withdrawl This week

When I quit drinking 9 weeks ago , it did not take long for me to substitute my heavy beer consumption with multiple cokes , sweets , and heavy carb food . I realize my body was looking to replace the sugar deficiency left by the lack of alcohol . That said , I've gained 15 pounds . I was so focused on staying sober , I didn't care about what I ate .

Well I jumped on the low carb South Beach plan this week . I've done it before with success . What I forgot though , is that it literally creates a withdrawl symptom . I'll eat a large meal of all protein and vegetables , and 10 minutes later I'll be starving . And unlike my alcohol detox withdrawl which got better each day , 4 days in and this is driving me crazy . I'm dying for a big plate of spaghetti and a bowl of Ice cream for desert ! On the bright side , the craving for food has totally blocked any beer cravings .

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  • I would suggest going outside or even going for walks. Anything to help get your mind off of withdrawal symptoms.
  • I believe those food cravings are just the initial shock to the body with the reduction of carbohydrates. Your body is just used to a particular amount of carbs and now it is compensating for the lack of carbs with food cravings. Stay strong and battle through the initial period. A high fat/protein/low carb diet is supposed to alleviate the food cravings. You are just in the early period where you are still battling the huge swing in insulin and blood sugar in your body. Once that balances out, the food cravings will disappear.
  • I've tried to eat low carb before, but being half Italian in terms of background I find that no pasta makes me grouchy!!

    I definitely do need to try and lessen it though.

    Great work with battling the cravings though, and glad that quitting alcohol is so far so good too!
  • @TWSJ congrats on your sobriety! sugar withdrawal can be something for sure..... i am glad you are working on this will subside some though...sugar is one of the most addicting substances really...i hear you on cravings... this is a regular battle for me...

    each your best...i think exercise does help too...

    thanks for sharing!
  • Thanks all , @kassie1234 , I'm Scotch / English .  But ,No pasta makes me grouchy as well . I'm also Southern , so no Grits , Rice and gravy , or Mashed potatoes and gravy is basically like telling me I just can't eat . Why is it everything we enjoy is bad ?
  • @TWSJ my husband's family is from NC so he is big on biscuits and gravy as a comfort food...I guess it just reminds him of his childhood! I've often wondered the same about why all the super delicious food isn't the healthiest for us - I mean don't get me wrong, sometimes I crave a big old salad, but I don't think it always fills me up and hits the same sort of satisfaction levels as a pizza does for instance. But I guess a salad doesn't make me feel guilty like a pizza does...
  • This has happened for me too and the cravings for carbohydrates really is a tough one to beat. I just try and give myself cheat days so I can manage my cravings a little better. The whole week I will be disciplined but I set aside a day to indulge a bit so as I don't feel like I'm depriving myself of too much.
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