Addicting to working?

Not sure if you guys have the same addiction or what not but I think I have been addicting to working and becoming a workaholic. If guess you could also say that you can be addicted to earning money as you would be making a lot and that is ultimately one of the reasons you may need a job. Anyways I have 3 main jobs which include working as a cashier at Market Basket, working as a landscaper and even maintaining my own e-commerce business as self employed online. I am working around 70-80 hours a week along with school which is crazy but all my grades are very good and are in the A's and B's. It may be crazy but I can't complain about the money haha! Unfortunately it doesn't let me have time to enjoy life which does stink time to time. What do you guys think?
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  • @ZXD22... It's great that you're making money and still maintaining good grades in school. But I worry that you may burn out if you keep doing what you're doing. I think that with anything balance is best. Maybe you should think about cutting down the number of hours that you work, just so you have a little more time to enjoy your life. Too much of anything can be a bad thing. And you have to have down time, too. That's my $0.02.
  • I do not really think that work could ever become an addiction because I personally think that it all depends on if you really enjoy and like your job, if you do not like it and you're somehow working as a must do thing then it might be an addiction but that is something that should not happend and it is avoidable by yourself.
  • I think you are superman @ZXD22 but what motivates you as a workaholic is the positive results you are getting. But you need to slow down a bit.

    Get a day off where you do not need to do any of the jobs and just hang out with friends, relax by the beach or pool; enjoy life; because my friend, life is short, try to make the best out of it now.
  • I think anything in life requires balance. Your work ethic is wonderful, but it definitely sounds like there could be some greater balance in other areas of your life. You mention your grades aren't suffering, but certainly a social life and enjoying the world around you is important too. One thing I will say is money is not the only thing in life. As The Beatles sing "money can't buy me love!"

  • I'd call making money and maintaining good grades a positive addiction but be careful it doesn't become an obsession. There's more to life than work and money. Spending quality time with family and friends makes life worth living. Remember the best things in life come free. Take time to enjoy these awesome free things.
  • I think it's only you who could really judge whether or not you think it's becoming excessive or not since we all have different goals and thresholds. That said, as long as you feel fulfilled and don't think you will regret anything in the future then this might actually be good for you since you are learning discipline and you're getting to save money.
  • Well, I can't really tell you what to do. You're not really hurting yourself but in the other side, as you mentioned, you're also not enjoying life as is supposed to. I think that you should evaluate your possition and ask to yourself if you really want to change, and if you're going to be committed to do it, make a list of your reasons and ask yourself if they are really important to make change your lifestyle.
    Good luck!
  • Thanks for all the tips so far guys! I have been arranging my schedule so I can have as much time off as I can to enjoy life a little more than normal. Thanks!
  • @ZXD22, I hope this is not too late, but have you ever thought about sports? Because sports is also something that you can push yourself do do better and it is a good thing for your body and help you to clean your mind. I do cycling and it is great!
  • Yep I definitely see a workaholic in the works but if you enjoy working is it still work anyway? It seems like you're having fun in your career so I really can't say if it has negative effects on you though. Maybe try going out once in a while as well with your friends and family so you can have a really balanced life. Keep on keeping on friend.
  • I do think that you can get addicted to working, especially if you have strict routines like you do. I mean three jobs and also school, admirable for sure.
    Maybe try getting some time aside for yourself, I know it is hard but ocassionally like weekly or bi-weekly it can be nice to wind out a little.
  • I know a girl who is being addicted to working, but not in the literal way of doing work. She tends to do a thing with every single minute of her life, she can't take one just to relax and smell the coffee. She would go from school to other self-development courses, from them to other group activities and when she finally gets home she would either start workout and have a read after or start reading directly.

    The problem here is that she is so active she forgot to enjoy every little thing in life. She seems to be doing all these things just mechanically which I believe it's kind of sad. Also she stated she started learning for exams which are 2 years away from now, she hasn't even been given all the necessary materials yet, and most of the people start learning in the last half of year for those exams.
  • There are three reasons that trigger work addiction according to my personal observation: money, a need to prove something and love for the work itself. I ricochet among these three reasons depending on the situation. Of course money will always be a motivating factor. But there is actually more to that reason. With money you can help your family and even fulfill your dreams and ambitions for the future. However, it's all all the more fulfilling if you work simply because you love to. 
  • I'm glad you have taken steps to bettering your situation. I think becoming a workaholic might not be that much talked about since it's not as destructive on the surface as many other addictions but ultimately all addictions do tend to be destructive in some ways so figuring it out early surely is helpful. Good luck with the road ahead and keep up the good work so far.
  • "Addicted to earning money"

    @ZXD22, an inconvenient truth to say is that people who are really addicted to making money, those who are really good at it, have no direct relationship between the money they earn and their working hours.

    Only the "wage slaves" have it.

    True addicts to making money end-up creating a method or system for generating value automatically (this is the key) and then reap the benefit of this value-generating system.

    For example, the owner of a bakery initially founded the establishment, paid the workers, hired an accountant, etc. so that when the time of true success arrives, the bakery runs virtually on autopilot and the owner simply has to keep an eye on it and watch the money flow into his/her pocket on "automatic pilot mode" too.

    Others charge royalties for life by the work they made only once (musical, artistic, literary work, et cetera).

    They clearly have one thing in common: they are the ones who work less and earn more. In your case, your life is based on working per se. Being a workaholic and getting addicted to making money are two very different things in my personal experience; both have separate methodologies, the latter one necessarily engaged in decoupling personal work from the money earned as a requisite.
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