Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes may not cure an anxiety disorder but they can go a long way to relieving some of the anxiety disorder symptoms. Lifestyle changes are best used in conjunction with other treatments to attain their full benefit.

Lifestyle changes that help rid someone of anxiety disorder symptoms include:

  • Dietary changes such as avoiding caffeine
  • Getting more exercise and proper rest
  • Learning to meditate, practice mindfulness or do relaxation exercises
  • Practicing yoga
  • Learning skills with which to better handle stress
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  • Lifestyle changes can benefit anyone. If you feel a little out if wack... It's amazing what simple diet changes can do! 
  • I find that more exercise can help a lot, because a lot of my anxiety tends to happen when I have a lot of energy that I have not been able to get out any other way. So exercise is great, and I go swimming three times per week for this very reason. Finding an exercise that works for you is half the battle, and once you've done that you should find that you actually begin to enjoy the benefits that you can get from it. 
  • So many good things can be said about being active either through exercise or sports.
    The endorphins released are a powerful feel good hormone and, of course, being more active gives you a healthier body.
    It also gives the mind time to just switch off and recuperate, this is so important when you're in the grips of an episode as you thoughts tend to escalate the anxiety by adding fear to fear.
  • I agree with everyone here. The natural ways of dealing with anxiety without medication is very comforting especially when you know you can do it all by yourself without much cost.
  • As someone that has had to deal with anxiety and stress issues, I've followed most of the points. I just haven't managed to cut down on my caffeine intake as I have a soft spot for coffee. Otherwise, I do try to stay fit and healthy, and get a good night's rest. 
  • I have struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember. It feels like an eternity, but realistically, I started to have anxiety attacks in high school. They were pretty heavy and made me feel like I was drowning in panic at times. I am one of those people that drinks a lot of coffee and I don't think I could stand to go without caffeine, but it would definitely help with relieving some of my anxiety. Practicing yoga helps, but it's sadly only temporary and I would feel silly doing it in public.
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