Most hours you've been on a PC in a day

What was the most hours you've been on a PC in a day? I remember spending around 10-13 hours a day video gaming straight back when I was around 11 or 12 years old. Nowadays I tend to spend around 1 to 2 hours a night doing some tasks online. How about you guys?
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  • I would say a staggered 12 hours would be the longest time I've spent on a PC. That was when an online game addled my common sense. When I was completing a graduate course, it must have been more than that, though. I had a 40-page thesis to write and revise for a whole month and a deadline to beat. After I finished my masteral degree, I reverted back to approximately 9 hours of PC use but only on weekdays. The nature of my work heavily revolves around the computer so it's impossible to not use it that long for 5 straight days. On weekends, I spend as much as 5 to 6 hours. Sometimes, lesser.
  • The maximum hours I have spent on a PC in a day is 6 hours. The longer I stay, the more I get a headache. I always regulate my timing; that's why I do not like playing games on them.
  • Ah, it's hard to say - if we're talking about purely leisure time or work + leisure?

    When I moved to a new town a few years ago and didn't know anyone, I'd work my office job for like 8 hours and then often come home and spend time on the internet because I was lonely and didn't know a soul - so the internet was kind of my source for keeping busy and feeling 'connected' I guess.

    If we're talking purely leisure I'd say maybe 5-6 hours is the most.
  • Well, I work online so I spend the entire day...pretty much...on my computer. But, I spend most of that working. I'm not sure if that counts. 
  • maybe 8 hours if i have a lot of work....but i'm working on less and less because i don't like sitting for long periods of time..but when work load is heavy, i probably spend 6 to 8 hours a day....
  • The longesttime I have spent on my PC has been 20 hours in a row, I know that it is not to be on the PC for that long but gaming is one of the motives of why I did this.
  • The longest would be 8 hours a day. I would get online for 2 hour blocks 4 times a day when I was writing from home full time. Boy were my wrists always acting up. It was not healthy, but I felt like I was always missing out on the wonderful world wide web. Now I just sleep when I am tired and don't care as much. 
  • 20 hours, more or less. I spend most of my days on my PC for both leisure and work and time flies by quickly. The odd thing is that I don't quite feel as if I've been on it that much. 
  • For a lot of us, myself included, our jobs require us to be on a computer for many hours a day. Then, when we're done working, we like to go online and have some time to do fun stuff. When you add it up...well, let's just say a good portion of our day is spent on the computer. Technology is great, for sure. And there are many jobs that are made so much easier by the use of computers. But I'm not sure being on a computer so much is a good thing for any of us. 
  • I would say that the longest time I've spent on a computer was when I was streaming a video game. I spent approximately 48 hours of straight gaming over a weekend.
  • I once spent a whole day in front of some sort of screen but I considered it a day for indulgence as most of the time I try to be mindful and limit my time online. My activities during that day were varied though as I went through minor tasks and also browsed some forums and by the end of the day I was just watching movies.
  • When I was younger (16-17) , I used to stay in front of PC even for 10-12 hours a day. Back then, I spent my time playing multiplayer shooters and basically doing nothing productive.
    I still remember when I was left home alone for a week. Back then, I am sure I only left the house once to do some shopping and then I locked myself in. I closed my curtains and that was it. I don't remember what I did, but my daily routine was waking up, going to the PC and then going back to sleep (10-13 hours later).

    I am really glad my parents returned because it would've been very hard for me to do anything else than stay on PC.
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