Are you completely unable to sleep without sleeping aids?

When I can't sleep, it's usually just not being able to fall asleep quickly, but eventually I will fall asleep. Do you guys just not able to sleep at all? Without sleeping aids, would you just stay awake for days?
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  • I also have trouble sleeping. I was advised to read before going to sleep because it has been known to help people who have trouble sleeping. The thing is, it didn't work on me because I get too engrossed with what I am reading so instead of helping me sleep, it did the opposite. And yes, I can stay awake for days, especially when working on a deadline or when binge watching series.  
  • I am very lucky in this aspect, I didn't become dependent on sleeping pills or anything like that.  But I could have when I was younger.  I'm so glad I didn't and decided to beat my sleeping issues the old fashioned way: suck it up.  Sometimes I still have issues falling asleep, but once I do it's all ok, unless my body wakes me up because it's time to pee.
  • I have trouble going to sleep, I just stay like two hours awake until I can finally get asleep. My doctor doesn't want to prescribe me nothing, she says I need to stop using the computer and eating at night but these are habits I can't just change like this. Even though I have this problem, when I'm asleep I don't have any problems, unless I have nightmares.
  • @Mary Reading has helped me fall asleep. It's just a matter of what you are reading. Try reading something boring and your eyes will get droopy real quickly. If you're reading a page turner, you won't want to put down the book.
  • @yeppeo You definitely want to avoid using electronics at night due to the blue light emitted from the screens. The blue light is known to disrupt circadian rhythms, which control when you fall asleep. If you have an iPhone, try using the night shift mode which lowers the blue light on the screen. An app called f.lux accomplishes the same thing for Android and your computers.
  • Hi @erook7878.

    I think you're right. Most of the books (as well as manga and graphic novels) that I am reading are suspense and psychological thrillers. They do keep me awake until the wee hours of the morning. 
  • @Seraphine It's always good to avoid any time of sleeping aid. Like any type of medication, you can become dependent on it. Then you won't be able to fall asleep without it.
  • I used to get into phases when I took pills or drowse inducing medicines to knock me out faster. I don't really know what I was thinking but somehow doing it for a day or two made me get used to it and made me think that I wouldn't be able to fall asleep without it or at least not when I would want to. Nowadays I've thankfully broken free of that habit and I now sleep naturally and regularly which I think also helps since I get sleepy at the same time everyday.
  • @errok7878 thanks a lot for your suggestion! I wasn't aware such app existed. I'm definitely going to try it and see if there is an improvement in my situation.
  • @Cguru Those are all great tips to sleep well. The biggest thing for me is to stay on a tight sleep schedule. If I deviate where I stay up one night, that just screws up my whole sleep cycle.
  • I know the feeling. I keep on messing up my sleeping schedule so it's hard for me fall asleep when I need to and it messes up my days. I don't use aids normally but if I get a break from normal life, I use them to help fix my schedule.

  • Music has helped me a lot, especially  music which has low bits and my favorite is those which boosts my feelings and emotions. Well! I never heard of the books I will definitely try it from today. I think it will really have some fun.
  • @belovedad That's the only time I would recommend people to use a sleep aid. When you temporarily get off track and need something to get you normalized again. The problem is many people just continue to to take it well beyond after they get back on a normal sleep cycle.
  • I've definitely tried to stick to the all natural route when it comes to times I've had trouble sleeping, and for the most part that's been effective. Limiting caffeine, a lavender bath before bed, physically exhausting myself - those things honestly tend to do it. The only times these days I have a great deal of difficulty sleeping tend to be rooted in anxiety and that's a separate issue.
  • @kassie1234 Being anxious will definitely keep you up. I always couldn't sleep when I was anxious about something the next day. I would always feel wide awake on those nights.
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