Do you feel your anxiety was triggered by substance abuse?

I can't remember a time when I didn't feel anxious, however I do know for an absolute fact that it has got worse in the past few years, and I strongly believe that this is due to the rubbish that I have put into my body. It does seem to be getting slowly better now that I have given up the drugs, too, which is great news.

To what extent do you believe that substance abuse contributes to anxiety disorders? Do you think that I will start to get a lot better in general now that I don't have that stuff in my life at all?
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  • @GemmaR  hey there! i do think drugs will affect your nervous system, so it may calm down some if you are get used to being in "fight or flight" mode....on high energy you've got to teach your nervous system to assure it that it's safe....

    sometimes meditation helps...deep breathing...try some guided meditations on youtube for anxiety relief...and more if you like helps some people...

    also, exercise tends to relieve some of the pent up energy....

    hope this helps!
  • I think addiction can contribute to anxiety. I also think anxiety can lead to addiction. I've seen both in friends and relatives. I think the safe thing to say is that there's definitely a connection between anxiety and addiction.
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