Healing Your Spiritual Self During Recovery

Some people don’t want to think about spiritual matters when it comes to recovery, but for those who do, how do you go about healing your spiritual self? Many treatment centers and 12 Step groups don’t necessarily cover the spiritual aspect of recovery too well, so if you want to go further, consider the following thoughts on the matter.

Many times in addiction we end up isolating ourselves from others and from our Higher Power. We may want to feel connected to others, but the addiction clouds everything. So we usually end up hitting rock bottom empty and alone. In recovery, however, it is encouraged to begin building bridges with your loved ones, yourself, and your Higher Power.

In the 12 Steps, the 2nd step talks about coming to believe that there is a power greater than ourselves that can restore us to sanity. For those who believe in God, Spirit, Source, Infinite Intelligence, etc., this is a great way to free yourself from self-will. After all, usually our will gets us into trouble. To believe that there is someone or something that can help you stay sober and be your best when in comes to mind, body, and spirit, is wonderful. This step is a great stepping stone toward healing your spiritual self while in recovery.

Step 3 talks about making a decision to turn your will and life over to God as you understand God. Again, taking the pressure off of you to do anything, you simply surrender to a power greater than yourself. I know for me, looking inward to my Higher Power helps me to want to be the best person I can be and it gives me hope for a better future. I feel peaceful when I surrender.

Chances are you’ve got some old wounds festering within you and healing those wounds may require you to surrender to a power greater than yourself. If you’re not into spirituality, no problem. Each person has their own way of thinking about this topic.

In your recovery journey, sometimes it simply takes some time to begin healing those old wounds and feeling a better connection to your Higher Power, loved ones, and yourself. Remember, it’s a journey and things don’t usually happen overnight. Be patient and do your best to enjoy the journey.

What helps you to heal spiritually?

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  • I do find that attending church and receiving communion does something for me spiritually. I always feel lighter and happier after leaving mass. 
  • A lot of AA groups are focused more on spirituality and christianity than anything else, at least in my experience. I think a lot of people's drug problems are a result of what you might call a "spiritual problem". They are using drugs to try to feel positive, loving and relaxed. These are all feelings that could be created naturally, without the use of drugs.
  • Great Post! Spirituality is something that can help us dig deeper into a successful recovery and stay sober!
  • Interesting read. I really agree with this post. Having a spiritual relationship with God is very important when you are going through recovery. Sometimes, when all fails, there is no one to turn to but to God. And we all know that our faith in Him would somehow inspire us to hold on still and it would make us remember that God has great plans for each one of us.
  • If god helps you stay sober then by all means go for that option. However, I believe that if you think it was you who got yourself into recovery, and got yourself feeling a bit better than you can be proud of that, and also take responsibility for what you did in the past. I am all for taking full responsibility and owning your past actions. Then again, who are you really? I believe that we are all god, all little fragmented bits of the universe expressing itself, and to believe in your own power within yourself, gives you much more control. 
  • Finding inner peace helped me into my spiritual journey. I'm a pantheist, and I believe in the power of Nature and Universe. I know that there's something out there that will help me through life, will bring me joy, and keep me safe. Everything is so perfect in nature as it's pure.

    I don't really like the term "surrender" though. I'd rather the term "accepting a Higher Power", if you wish.
  • @nergaahl i also believe in the power of nature and universe....took me many years to broaden my views, but so glad i have.  i say to each their own when it comes to spirituality and what they believe. i do know it helps!
  • I think it is so great and important to talk about spirituality as an aspect of recovery.

    When I began to study Metaphysics and yoga, my perspective on my sobriety shifted. My reasons for being sober changed. In the beginning, I wanted to stop feeling so terrible all of the time. I found peace and better health through my spiritual practices, and the goal began to be about maintaining that balance.

    Kundalini Yoga and A Course in Miracles have both been incredible spiritual resources and great tools for support and healing during my recovery.
  • @kerby glad to hear you've found help in spirituality....i agree that this  helps so much!  a course in miracles is great (though i haven't done the whole thing) and i've heard kundalini yoga is amazing too.  

    i think finding our own unique paths helps...what works for one might not work for another and that's alright...the important thing is to just keep going in positive direction...trying various things.. :)
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