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Trying to find a inpatient program near long beach 
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  • @soniarn85 hello and welcome. glad you are reaching out for help. not sure of any inpatient programs that way...check out this forum and site for some information on that...pretty sure someone can assist you.
  • Hi @soniarn85! Here's a few that I have found:
    • Lighthouse Treatment Center in West Pearl Street, California
    • Clean Path Recovery in Adams Avenue, Costa Mesa, California
    • AKUA Mind and Body in Newport Beach, California
    • NSight Psychology and Addiction in Newport Beach, California
    • Beachside Recovery in Newport Beach, California
    • Atlantic Recovery Services in Long Beach, California
    • New Found Life in Long Beach, California
    • Amends Center of Long Beach Inc. in Long Beach, California
    • Substance Abuse Foundation of Long Beach Inc. in Long Beach, California
    I hope this helps! Let us know if you need any more information.

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