Sleeping in complete darkness

I've been reading about the ideal environment to sleep. The two main things are to sleep in a really quiet place, ideally a place with no sound at all. The other is to sleep in complete darkness. It's recommended that you get black curtains to block out all light coming from windows. Have any of you tried this and has it helped you get better sleep?
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  • No, I haven't tried it. I don't sleep with the lights off, so I guess that wouldn't work for me. I'm not scared of the dark, it's just that I am more comfortable sleeping knowing that the whole room is illuminated.

    I also can't sleep when it's too quiet. Yeah, I know it sounds weird. I always listen to rock music when going to sleep, particularly System of a Down songs. Serj Tankian's voice just lulls me to sleep. It's as if he's singing me a lullaby. ;)  
  • i like to sleep in complete darkness and quiet. i used to use a fan to drown out noise, but my environment is quiet now. i think that's the best way to sleep, but some need some sort of noise like a fan.
  • I think complete darkness is awesome, though I don't really have that environment at home. At hotels I love using those blackout curtains, though, to make the room super dark. As far as quiet goes, I can't sleep if it's too quiet. The quiet starts to get too loud for me. I use a white noise machine and it really helps me.
  • @Mary How much light is present in your room when you sleep? I guess as long as it isn't fluorescent or LED light, the blue light shouldn't be too bad. Blue light disrupts your bodies' ability to produce melatonin, which is what makes your body feel sleepy.
  • @dominica @DeanD I'm the same way with needing some type of sound. When it is completely silent, it does freak me out a little bit. I have an air filter running in the other room that I can barely hear that breaks the silence. Sometimes I will fall asleep listening to a podcast or music.
  • Hi @erook7878.

    My room is totally illuminated. And I use fluorescent light. It doesn't really affect my sleep. I actually sleep better with the lights on. When they're off, that is when I have trouble sleeping. 
  • @Mary That light would really bother me. I would have to be extremely exhausted to fall asleep with the light on fully illuminated. Everyone is different and it helps you asleep, so I can't tell you to change.
  • @erook7878
    Yeah, we're all different and have preferences of our own. I guess I was just used to having the lights on whenever I sleep that's why it's more comfortable for me that way. I guess, I'm just one of the few not bothered by the lights being on when going to sleep. ;)
  • Yes, I have tried it before and it always works for me. Dark curtains to block out the light and having the windows tightly shut really helps me sleep soundly.
  • I think that not only darkness but calm environment and quiet is also important. I have never watched tv or had lights on when I was kid going to bed.
    I think that your brain can have its rest easier in dark and quiet, deeper sleep and better waking ensures.
  • @Mary When I was a kid, I used to be able to fall asleep on the couch with the TV on and the lights on. Then I would go to bed in my dark quiet bedroom and I would have trouble falling asleep. Now it is the opposite. I can't sleep with the noise coming from the tv. Sleep preferences can change even within the same person.
  • Sleeping with the lights off and with complete silence will not work for me. I have been so used to the sound of my fan swinging and I could never sleep in utter darkness. It's frightening to sleep without seeing anything and to open my eyes to the same pitch black nothingness! It makes me imagine all sorts of creepy stuff and I end up rolling over my bed a few times before finally going to bed.
  • I believe this works for me. However, I can tolerate the noise of my fan and I even think it helps sometimes like a lullaby. Items like music only help to keep me awake unecessarily longer than usual.
  • @ellajanelle I don't have a problem with complete darkness, but I'm with you on the noise factor. The complete silence can feel weird. You start focusing on little sounds when it is completely quiet. I'll fall asleep sometimes listening to a podcast or music on very low volume.
  • @belovedad The noise of a fan can be very soothing. It is a very consistent sound, so I think we just get used to the sound after just a few minutes. When it gets hot here, I'll turn on the window air conditioner and it is fairly loud and I wonder how I can ever fall asleep with it on, but eventually you just get used to the level of sound.
  • Yes! I tried it and it really helped me a lot to take deep sleep. The sound that was of fan and other small equipments to stop it, I prefer ear buds it really affects and it reduces all other voices and it reduces it to zero. I think that it helps me to take deep sleep as sound of the fan and of any traffic is not coming and int he darkness I use black curtains and I use my eye cover mask it really helps me. Complete darkness and I feel very much relaxed. Try it.
  • Removing excess stimuli when trying to sleep will make it easier for you to reach the different stages of sleep. So yes, turn off all the lights, turn off the radio and television, and take away your phone so you wouldn't be tempted to open it and start browsing online for the next few hours. Sleeping is very easy when you find your rhythm. Whether drinking warm milk before bed, or whether you tire yourself out through exercise. It all depends on every individual, and manipulating the environment in your favor definitely helps obtaining sleep.
  • Absolutely it does! I have a very fine sheet I drape over my window to block out any moon-light. I turn off my clock radio or at least turn it around so I don't get that flashing green LED light. I usually always turn my computer off because of the fans running, unplug and turn off the monitor, and check anything else that would create noise. It's honestly a world of difference when you really do it. It takes getting used to though, more for the reason you've slept one way most of your life and now it's like your sleeping in some sort of noise-free chamber. It can be uncomfortable at first, but the reward will soon be known. 
  • @OursIsTheFury The external stimuli will disrupt our sleep cycles. It can disrupt our ability to go through the sleep stages. In that way, it totally makes sense that you should sleep in a quiet environment.
  • @Norjak71 Removing the clock radio was the best thing I've ever done. Along with the bright LED light, I found myself constantly looking at the time, which would further stress me out and prevent me from sleeping. I now use my phone as an alarm clock.
  • I always like to sleep in complete darkness and never like to sleep in lighty environment. It's better to sleep in quiet place because everyone feel comfortable in that place when they go for sleeping.   
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