Tips for Getting to Sleep Without Pills

When you've dealt with the addiction to sleeping pills before, it started somewhere along the way of not being able to get to sleep. That was possibly the reason you took the first pill. Now you're struggling to get back to sleep again but do not want to have a relapse. You want to find ways that you can sleep without turning to medical assistance to do so. Here are a few things to keep in mind that may help you.

Regular Schedule
It is imperative that you stick to as regular a sleep schedule as possible. Try to go to bed at the same time every night. Get up at the same time every day, even if you're able to sleep longer on the weekends. Getting your body into a regular sleep pattern can help you to relax and go to sleep a little easier.

Exercise Helps
It might take a few months or more on a regular exercise routine to feel the effects, but it can help you to beat insomnia and sleep again. Be sure that you aim for at least 30-minutes a day of regular consistent exercise. Make sure you're not doing it right before you go to bed as that will have the opposite effect.

Reduce Caffeine,Nicotine, and Alcohol Intake
It's recommended that you stop drinking caffeine at least eight hours before you're going to go to bed. You also need to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink as it can interfere with your sleep. Nicotine is a stimulant so it's best to try and avoid it as you're getting closer to bedtime.

Set Up Your Room
Be sure you have a dark, quiet place to sleep. It should be nice and cool to help your body unwind and relax. Also turn off screens before you go to bed so your natural relaxation can kick in. Try not to be part of any stressful or invigorating situations right before bed as that can cause you to have problems falling asleep.

Have any of these tips worked for you in the past? If not, how did you fall asleep without turning to medication?

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  • These are excellent tips. Man, sleep is SO important to our overall well-being. Thanks for sharing this.
  • Thank you for sharing those tips with us, I'm pretty sure that they'll be helpful for a lot of people!
    I think that what has worked for me has been keeping myself busy through the day and make a before to bed routine, such as doing some yoga and drinking a bit of warm milk. That has done wonders for me.
  • Very excellent tips; the one I value most is darkening the room. This helps me stay relaxed and even if I am not sleepy, it calms my nerves and gradually helps me sleep.

    Thanks for sharing.
  • Right now I listen to a guided meditation on happiness that helps me feel relaxed at night. It works pretty well and it gets me to sleep in under ten minutes. I do love it and I got it for free off of youtube. 
  • The most helpful method to fall asleep without the use of any drugs or any sleeping pills is to do exercise daily as it keeps us fit both mentally and physically so there is no tension in mind and our mind fells relax and free. Doing Meditation daily is also a good habit as it can help you to attain peace and your mind will not think out of the situation. Tension and pressure is the key factor that you are not getting deep sleep and meditation does this, it helps you to feel relaxed for the day and keeps your mind tension free.
  • Hey! I am here with some new and cool tips for going to deep sleep without any sleeping pills or drugs. I think that if anyone eats just before going to bed, then it causes a problem because it is scientifically proven that eating before going to bed can affect our sleeping. As I said earlier that take a deep, warm shower and the most important is that sleep only at night. Try it.
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