Traumas for New Mothers

It is a very difficult phase for a new mother having gone through the pain of delivery and the stress associated with her new born.

Are there ways to help eliminate these traumas since this affects a few mentally and they tend to cause harm to their babies?
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  • It would help if there is someone available to help her get more rest after the birth of the baby, it can be very stressful for the new mother because she is tired and the demands of the new baby and being tired all the time can take it's toil on the new mother.
  • I know that for myself I think I had a touch of post partum depression, but it was never in a sense that I thought of causing harm to my child. It was more of the "I'm not qualified to be a mother, how do people do this? I'm exhausted" and that was what made me feel like crap everyday.

    I honestly think that's one of the hardest things for moms - not wanting to admit they feel like crap emotionally because everyone seems to equate PND or things on the post partum anxiety/depression scale with this notion that it means that everyone wants to harm their babies. Not true at all, and this is what deters people from seeking help so often.

    I would say the biggest thing is to try and rely on others when they offer help - I find it hard taking help a lot so I really had to push that advice on myself.
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