Hey guys! I am a student and during exam period, I get so anxious and stressed out I can barely sleep. And when I do sleep, I have the worst nightmares. It always involves blood and several people getting hurt while I am unable to help them. Do you guys have any tips on how to cope with anxiety? 
Thank you very much in advance.
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  • Talk to your tutors/teachers about this. If exam pressure is affecting you, they'll do things to help remedy where they can :)
    Have you tried meditation or other ways to find relaxation?

    Normally we remember our dreams (good or bad) if our sleep is a bit restless, stress can cause this.

    Need to tackle the root, the worry and stress. How do you think you'll do on your exams?
    Do you feel ready?
    Are they big key exams?

    Fingers crossed your next sleep will be a little more friendlier :)
  • Meditation sounds like an amazing idea! I tried it a couple times and it helped a lot. 
    Yes, they are all huge exams, since in my university there's a rule that says that if you fail an exam 3 times,you are asked to leave the university, which of course is incredibly stressful.
    Thank you so much, I hope I get a full night of restful sleep for once :) 
  • Have you failed any?
    You must have an idea of your current knowledge level with assignments?
    Good students tend to worry, it is part of what makes them good :) Being blasé would probably be more worrying.
    Have you tried some example online question papers on the subject to reasure yourself that you know your stuff? And maybe catch the areas you're not so hot on?
  • In which University you're at? Fear to fail a test 3  times is very justified in your situacion. You have not other choice but believe in yourself and prepare as much as possible for each test. take Self test to have a honest grasp of how much you know. 

    I dealt several times with anxiety during my college years. You can do it,.
  • Here is a thread where people share all sorts of tips and tricks for anxiety and stress reduction:
  • @SStoman no, none so far. :) 
    I think I am doing good, with all the subjects I need to get done this semester, I have been studying and keeping on top of everything, but I can't not worry. 
    That's exactly it, our exams are oral, so even if I have a good knowledge of everything, the examiner could always ask me something more specific about the topic or even something completely unrelated. Most of my subjects this semester are related to Pathology, which is pretty hard to remember everything. 
  • You should talk to your tutors about getting help with your subjects, and that way you should in theory be under less stress. Also make sure you're making your bedtime as stress free as possible - no electronics for an hour before bedtime, and no eating or drinking, make sure the room is as dark as possible. Every little helps, and I am sure that this will be the case here! 
  • @CarolV Your nearves sounds natural, you just seem a little more sensitive to worry :)
    It's horrible when you're asked something and your mind goes blank.
    If it does, don't babble rubbish.
    Just stop, take a breath, tell the examiner you're just getting the thoughts straight in your head.
    They'll understand the nerves!
    If you're being tested then you're at a stage where what they ask you, you should be prepared for, they're not going to be cruel and ask something there is no chance you know :)
    How long until your exam?
  • I think you're not sleeping properly and that's why you're having nightmares. The fact that you're worrying too much prevents you from getting a deep sleep. dominica posted a really helpful link that can help you to deal with your stress. Recently I also downloaded an Android app called What's Up? that has a ton of exercises including breathing exercises, as well as other tips and texts about anxiety, depression and ways to cope with it. So far it helped me a lot, so you might want to give it a try (I'm not sure if there's an iOS version, but there are some similar that are great too). Good luck!
  • Drink some tea and give yourself some time to wind down before sleeping or just any time within the day where you are free from obligations. Finding time to calm yourself down is a good way of not bringing your anxieties with you in your dreams. Also maybe consider eating healthier and exercising.
  • Hello! This is curious, I'm a university student too and I'm also on finals at this moment and I usually don't have any nightmares at all but I've noticed that it's been three nightmares already in less than a week... I think that the system is doing something weird to our subconscious (?) or is just stress, I guess, lol. Let's see how we react when we are not on finals!
    Good luck!
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